Powered By Bits {Product Review & Giveaway}

Earlier this year, ENERGYbits sent me a sample of their bits to try out for fueling options.  My friend, and fellow 2013 SFM Ambassador Chris, had introduced me to the idea via twitter and at a race expo, and so I reached out to the brand for a sample to try {and review}.  Well, life got in the way (qualifying for PhD candidacy, a trip to Peru, moving cross country and starting law school), and I never got around to reviewing the bits…until now!

photo(1){While ENERGYbits provided me with the sample, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post}

What are EnergyBits?

According to the EnergyBits website, they are “[m]ade from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab.”  Basically, they’re little tiny pill sized tabs of compressed spirulina algae.

Why spirulina alage?

“Endorsed by the United Nations as the most nutritious food on earth, spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic gold medalists for decades and is a super food in every sense of the word, delivering instant and enduring energy to your brain and body.”

~EnergyBits website

Antioxidant ChartIn additional to the antioxidant benefits, ENERGYbits can be used for:

  • Increasing Energy
  • Increasing Endurance
  • Increasing Mental Vitality
  • High Protein Snack
  • Curbing Hunger
  • Meal Replacement
  • Balancing Blood Sugar
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Fatigue

I mean let’s be honest — those all sound good to me, right?!  While I’m not sure of the majority of the effects, as I probably didn’t take them long enough or frequently enough, I did definitely experience increased energy, curbing of hunger and reduced fatigue – at least while running.  (Wait, you don’t normally get ridiculously hungry in the middle of a run normally and start planning your next mean?  Huh.  Maybe that’s just me…)

So what were they like?

While I will admit they do not sound like the most appetizing source of energy in the world, they were surprisingly fairly tasteless (you just swallow them with water).  And they went down easy and were definitely easy on the stomach (something very important to me as the woman with the weakest stomach in the world).  I also feel like there was a definite boost in energy when taken pre-run/race.  Whether it was a placebo effect of my mind knowing the intended effects or the ENERGYbits working, I am definitely on the hook, and have plans to incorporate them into my training and fueling for my next endurance event (a marathon in March).  I mean at the very least they definitely aren’t hurting me, and as I go for a new PR, I’m taking all the help I can get!

My one gripe with the ENERGYbits?  They’re expensive!  And as a law student/PhD student, they’re not really budget-friendly.  However, there ambassadors out there who can hook you up with a discount which makes the price a little bit easier to handle.

Additionally, ENERGYbits claims that “one of the additional benefits is that once you’re taking bits daily (or most days) it can replace just about all other vitamins due to the wide nutritional profile, so it can even reduce some other costs!”  So that is something I am definitely considering and looking into…maybe spending more money in one place can save money over all?  The economist in me is dying to find out…

ENERGYbits are only available at ENERGYbits.com, and Jonathan (their Brand Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits – you can email him at jlevitt@energybits.com.

But before you have to decide to buy…first you can enter to win a tin to try!

The Giveaway!

Enter to win a prize pack that includes a tin of ENERGYbits to try them out for yourself!

In order to enter you must leave a comment on this post answering how do you normally fuel while you run??

Additional entries for

(1) liking ENERGYBits on Facebook
(2) following ENERGYbits on Twitter
(3) liking PhDStrides on Facebook
(4) following PhDStrides on Twitter
(5) Tweeting about the giveaway with “Enter to win a free sample of @EnergyBits from @PhDStrides http://wp.me/pVOD1-1os #poweredbybits”.

***Just leave an additional comment for each additional entry (stating which one it is).***

Giveaway ends 10/6/2013 at 11:59 PST and winner will be randomly selected and announced on 10/7/2013.  ENERGYbits will then send out the prize pack.  Limited to USA addresses only (sorry if you’re abroad!).

{UPDATE: Winner of the ENERGYbits giveaway is Comment 11: Theresa M! – email me phdstrides{at}gmail{dot}com with your name and address and I will forward it to ENERGYbits so you can get your prize pack!}


15 thoughts on “Powered By Bits {Product Review & Giveaway}

  1. If I’m running an hour or less, I just eat something small before I run, if more than an hour I will bring a Gu or some fruit snacks or something with me.

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