#MCM2013: Training Over

It seems like the endless bouts of injuries just won’t end.  And I avoided writing this post, holding out a little hope for as long as possible, but my severely sprained ankle won.  In fact, I haven’t run more than .5 miles since August 18.

August 18 after my 14 miler, I was walking across the street, with the right of way in a crosswalk, and a car came barreling up the street, the driver wasn’t looking and my two choices were to scramble off the street or get hit by the car.  I chose the primer, and in the process, sprained my ankle horribly.  Walking hurt for just a few days, but the pushing off movement one has to do while running, would send severe sharp pains up the outside of my left ankle, up my achilles and around my whole lower leg area.  After a few attempts the first week-week and 1/2 to run.  I threw in the towel.  And when I still couldn’t run last Friday, I decided the only smart thing to do would be to either sell or transfer my entry.

So, I ended up transfering to the MCM 10k which is the same day as the MCM 26.2.  I’m bummed.  A lot.  Especially if you think back to what happened to me just about a year ago

But I knew trying to run 26.2 with only 7 weeks of training left and not having run for 2+ weeks would be absolutely stupid.  And I want to be injury free for the next big thing I start training for — not sure what that is, but I’m sure it will be something good.

So to get me amped up for my 10k at the end of October, and test the waters, I decided to sign up for a fun 5k the weekend of September 20-21.  Its the Run-n-Mate 5k.  I wasn’t sure at first this would be something for me, but since I’m trying to embrace living in a new city and meeting new people, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and check it out.

Here’s the gist:

Friday night there is a happy hour at a local bar where you pick up your race packet, get a free drink and meet fellow runners.  The next morning you get up and run a 5k with all the friends you met the night before, and meet new ones.  And then Saturday night there is another event — and the one for my race is a Nationals game, that also happens to be on concert night — so I get to go to a baseball game, run a 5k and {hopefully} meet new friends at the same time!  I’m excited, and nervous.  Anyone who knows me in person at all knows that I am very shy and introverted and group settings like this make me nervous.  But, I need to meet new people in the city and want to make runner friends, so I decided to give it a go.

Have you ever signed up for a race like this?  Or gone to an event like this?  Any words of wisdom for someone who gets clammed up in group settings where one knows no one?


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