#MCM2013: Training Week 3

[AKA: The Week I finished traveling cross country and moved into a new apartment and failed at running]

Lessons I learned this week:

(1) Do not underestimate the effect driving cross country will have on your body.  O.M.G. it destroyed my legs, body, everything.  I was tired and my muscles were tight everywhere.
(2) Do not underestimate the effect moving into a new apartment will have on your body.  O.M.G. it destroyed my legs, body, everything.  I was tired and my muscles were tight everywhere.
(3) Do not underestimate the effect moving to a city where you walk everywhere will have on your body.  O.M.G. it destroyed my legs, body, everything.  I was tired and my muscles were tight everywhere.

[Sensing a trend yet?!]

Basically Week #3 [and spoiler alert for next week: so is Week #4] is the week of adapting due to the stresses introduced on my body.  It was hard for me to adapt, but I did the best I could given the circumstances, you know driving cross country, moving into an apartment, and having to attend law school orientation, and learn a new city.

Week #3

The Plan:

Monday: 4 easy
Active Rest! (My day in Chicago with friends)
Wednesday: 5-6 easy
6 Track + arms/abs + 1200m swim
60 spin + 60 aquajog
7 easy
Sunday: 12 LSD + arms/abs — making up for the missed LSD and readjusting my schedule

What Happened: (In pink is what was planned that actually happened)

Monday: 6.5 Run (47:20)
I broke up my longest leg of my road trip (1050 miles which took me 18+ hours to cover) by running every few miles.  I did speedy miles (all under 8 min pace), and ran 4 times throughout the day.  Woke me up and kept me going for sure.

Tuesday: Active Rest
I spent the day in Chicago with my girlfriend, and we did active rest day by walking around and shopping ($10 shoe find!!!) and enjoying one of my favorite cities in the world.


Fun day in Chicago!


My amazing $10 [leather!] shoes!

Wednesday: 4 Run (4.21 in 31:29)After sitting in a car and driving from Chicago to Virginia for twelve hours, and after moving in all the boxes in my car, I needed to run.  It was hot, humid and speedy run.  I had frustration and energy to burn.  Not on schedule, but needed to happen.


Move + run aftermath

Thursday: [Failed] Track with DC Luna Chix (6.15 in 48:21)
I headed to the track after just a few hours of sleep to meet up with the DC Luna Chix team for their am track workout.  My plan was 4-5×800 at 3:10-3:15 pace with 400 recovery.  I did 3, and after the the 3rd 800 was a 3:36, I knew my body was too tired, overworked, overstressed, etc from the moving, run, transition cross country that I just slowed down and took it easy with a couple ladies for a few more laps.

Friday: Active Rest!  (moving day)
Needed this day after Thursday.

Saturday: Active Rest!  (moving day)
My body was still hurting from the move and drive, so I took an extra day of rest — there was also a full day of orientation today to overwhelm me.


New apartment!!

Sunday: 11.84 miles (1:41:03) (+ 10+ miles of walking + 25 cycle)Actually did a timed run, that ended up being about 12 miles.  (50ish minutes out and 50ish minutes back.)  Felt pretty good and had steady pacing (8:14-8:47), with the higher values coming with the ridiculous hills in Arlington.  Seriously, ridiculous.  And then, then the mishap happened where I was stuck 4 miles from home and the metro was delayed for more than an hour going to my place and I was supposed to pick up my mother from the airport.  Fast forward to the end of the day, and this happened…


Holy walking.

Yeah…I accidentally covered another 10ish miles and rode a heavy bike share bike (and carried up to an overpass) for 25 minutes.

Running Total: ~28.5 run + a million miles walked in the city
Workout Time Total:
~3:50 (run only)

This week for me was hard (as you can tell by the really late posting) as the moving and starting of law school orientation really messed with my body.  I had to adjust a lot, and had zero cross training, which I (and my body) have been missing dearly. Regardless, here is the plan for Week #4 (note…some of this has already been changed/botched, but nonetheless, this was the plan).

Week #4

The Plan:

Monday: Active Rest (Spin, Aquajog, Swim)
Tempo Run (6)
Wednesday: 5-6 easy + Aquajog
Thursday: 6 Track + 1200m swim
60 spin + 60 aquajog + arms/abs
1 w/u, 7 MGP
Sunday: 14 LSD

How do you deal with messed up weeks in training and getting back on track?  How do you alter training plans to adjust for the unplanned (or not thought about) millions of extra miles walked due to a new commute on foot?


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