#MCM2013: Training Week 2

So, Week 2 of my Marine Corps Marathon training is officially complete, and Week 3 is underway.  Apologies for no recap post yesterday, but I was busy traversing from Denver to Chicago (1050 miles) in my car, and started at 4:45am MST and arrived at 11:45 CST — 18 hours later.  (Please excuse me while I go drink a vat of wine and take a nap).

But regardless, here is my training recap of Week #2 and Plan for Week #3. You can follow me on dailymile where I post my daily workouts as well.  [If you missed Week 1 recap, check it out here.]

[SPOILER ALERT: I epically failed this week…well, kind of.]

Week #1

The Plan:
Monday: Active Rest! (30 AquaJog + BodyPump)
Tuesday: 5-6 easy
Wednesday: 5 Track + 1200m swim
Thursday: Active Rest! (60 spin + 60 AquaJog + 20 arms/abs)
Friday: 5-6 easy + 20 arms/abs
Saturday: 7 easy
Sunday: 12 LSD + arms/abs

What Happened: (In pink is what was planned that actually happened)

Monday: 40 AquaJog + BodyPump
Easy morning aquajog with Leslie and BodyPump, where I kept the weights light, but it still destroyed my body.

Tuesday: 5.02 easy (42:12)

Last run on West Cliff in Santa Cruz

Last run on West Cliff in Santa Cruz

Easy run from the harbor to West Cliff.  My legs were trashed from BodyPump, so 5 was all I had in me.

Wednesday: 6.61 track (59:25) + arms/abs + 1 elliptical (12:00) + 1200m swim.
Legs still felt trashed from BodyPump, so after the 1.52 mi warmup, I set my watch up for 10x.13 miles (209m) with .12 miles easy.  Hit my goal every time, without staring at the watch (:45 or below 200m).  Then hit up the gym for some swimming, but the pool was closed for aquaclass so I did some easy elliptical time and arms/abs.

Thursday: Active Rest! (30 min easy spin + 60 aquajog) + 5.25 walk/run


Good spin sesh!

Adjusted my active rest to sleep in a bit more and then hopped in the car to head to LA for the first leg of my trip out west.  By the time I got to Huntington Beach I wanted to stretch out my legs, so I headed out for a run/walk on the beach.

Friday: 7 easy (58:36)

Run on Huntington Beach

Run on Huntington Beach

Woke up and wanted to hit the path before the next leg of my journey to VEGAS for my friend Sarah’s bachelorette party.

Saturday: FAILED RUN –> Run/Walk (Ran 2 in 16:20, Walked like 4/5 throughout the day)
Apparently I had a little too much fun on Friday night celebrating in Vegas and by the time I tried to run on the TM at like 3:00 in the afternoon, I still wanted to die after just two miles, so I gave in and walked.  So much for my 1 w/u + 6 MGP.  But its okay, because I needed girls time in Vegas.  Worth it.

Sunday: 6 mi easy
Was supposed to be a 12mi LSD, which sounded great.  And I planned to break it into two portions, 6mi in the am and 6mi in the pm.  Got up at 3:30am in Vegas to hit the road, and by 6:30am I needed a nap and then got in the first 6 miles in St. George.  By the time I arrived in Denver 15 hours later, I wanted nothing to do with running and proceeded to pass right out.  #LSDfail

Running Total: ~29.61 run + 7 (tracked) run
Workout Time Total:
~11 hours 15 min (included my walk/runs)

I am a little disappointed in how the week ended, but given the fact I’ve been driving solo cross country, moving from Santa Cruz to DC (I arrive tomorrow night!), and attending a bachelorette party in Vegas, I have to say I’m pretty happy that I got in all that I did.

Here’s the plan for Week #3

Week #3

The Plan:

Monday: 4 easy
Active Rest! (My day in Chicago with friends)
Wednesday: 5-6 easy
6 Track + arms/abs + 1200m swim
60 spin + 60 aquajog
7 easy
Sunday: 12 LSD + arms/abs — making up for the missed LSD and readjusting my schedule

Still traveling tomorrow (to DC) and then settling in, so we’ll see what happens, but that’s the plan!

Anyone else doing MCM2013?  Anyone in Arlington/DC area and want to run with me soon?!

**My training plan is a work in progress, and I am not a certified coach or trainer, so if you try it and it doesn’t work, please don’t come try to blame me.  Also don’t try any of this without talking to your doctor or someone who is certified first.  Also this plan may crash and burn, no guarantees — its just what I am doing to try and achieve my goal.**

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