#MCM2013: Training Week 1

In March, I was lucky enough to register for the October 27 Marine Corps Marathon.  This will be my 3rd marathon, and the first marathon I am really training for.  Of course, I have goal times and paces set in mind, but I’ve decided that those are for me, and my close friends.  So while I’m going to share my training (plans and execution), I want my goals to be adjustable to reflect how my training is going and how my body is feeling, especially since October 27 will be approximate anniversary of my diagnosis with lupus.  I know everything can change at the drop of a hat, so I’m keeping my mind very open this training cycle.

So without further ado, my training recap of Week #1 and Plan for Week #2. You can follow me on dailymile where I post my daily workouts as well.

Week #1

The Plan:
Monday: 4 easy
Tuesday: 5 Tempo
Wednesday: 5 easy
Thursday: Active Rest!
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: 2-3 Shakeout
Sunday: W2W (w/u + 6 mile race + c/d)

What Happened: (In pink is what was planned that actually happened)

Monday: 4 easy (34:50)
Easy run around Santa Clara while staying at my brother’s.  I was tired after my 30+ hours of traveling Saturday/Sunday.

Tuesday: 60 min AquaJog + 5 Tempo (37:50) + 20 arms/abs
AquaJogging is one of my favorite types of crosstraining, so I went in the am.
In the afternoon, my tempo was awesome.  1.5 w/u, 2 tempo (7:05, 6:54) and 1.5 c/d.
Finished it all out with a little arm/ab work as they’d been neglected during my month in Peru

Wednesday: 4.91 track (39:01) + 2.75 elliptical

Track Day!

Track Day!

Was supposed to run easy, but Leslie wanted to hit the track and my legs were feeling good, so I decided to go.  2 w/u, 5×400 (1:28, 1:28, 1:30, 1:30, 1:29) right on pace with ~200 recovery, 1 c/d.
Had time to kill before dinner with a friend so I finished it out with 2.75 (30 min) easy on the elliptical.

Thursday: Active Rest! (60 min easy spin + 1000m swim + 20 arms/abs)
Great active rest day for me!  Took it really easy on the spin bike, worked out some kinks in the pool and hit those arms and abs again pretty hard.

Friday: 5 easy (42:12) + 60 min AquaJog

Hurts So Good

Hurts So Good

Headed out for 5 easy miles and then while foam rolling, ran into Rebecca and we made plans to AquaJog one more time before she left town.  Felt good to shakeout the legs.

Saturday: 2-3 Shakeout (21:47) + 1000m swim + 10 min AquaJog
Did a 2.77 shakeout run with Meg.  17 minutes easy, last 3 minutes tempo with 4×100 strides tacked on the end. Followed this up with a swim and quick aquajog to loosen the muscles up for Sunday’s race.

Sunday: Wharf 2 Wharf Race! (2.31 w/u (21:22), 6 race (45:02) – that c/d never happened) + 2.31 PM (17:33)

SCE Ladies at Wharf 2 Wharf

SCE Ladies at Wharf 2 Wharf

Ran a 2 mi warmup to the start.  Then raced the 6 mile Wharf 2 Wharf.  Had a goal of 42-43 in mind, Landed with a 45:02 (full race recap to come).  Then hit the road again later for an easy 2 miles.

Running Total: ~36 miles
Workout Time Total:
~ 9 hours, 54 min.

I finished the week feeling strong, and ready to jump into Week #2!  Here’s what that plan looks like.

Week #2

The Plan:

Monday: Active Rest! (30 AquaJog + BodyPump)
5-6 easy
5 Track + 1200m swim
Active Rest! (60 spin + 60 AquaJog + 20 arms/abs)
5-6 easy + 20 arms/abs
7 easy
Sunday: 12 LSD + arms/abs

One thing to note about my plan is that my rest days are generally Active Rest! days.  For me, this means swimming/spinning/AquaJogging — and I take them all very easy in terms of my legs.  They’re mostly my favorite ways to keep my legs moving without too much impact (for example, I almost never stand up in spin class on my Active Rest! days).

**My training plan is a work in progress, and I am not a certified coach or trainer, so if you try it and it doesn’t work, please don’t come try to blame me.  Also don’t try any of this without talking to your doctor or someone who is certified first.  Also this plan may crash and burn, no guarantees — its just what I am doing to try and achieve my goal.**

3 thoughts on “#MCM2013: Training Week 1

  1. Great first couple of weeks! I think that it is important to have an open mind when it comes to training. Being open to adjustments has been crucial for me. I deleted my DM account, but can’t wait to follow your training on here.

  2. That is a strong workout. I have always done what feels best for me and not really paid attention to what has been advised by everyone else. Go for it, but listen to your body.

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