Saludos de Peru!

Hola! I’m currently sitting on a bus, where I have been for 12 hours, heading back to Lima from Arequipa. Wait, what?!

I arrived here last Wednesday, June 18 and will be in Peru for just over a month. I’m down here for a good friend’s wedding, and will be traveling before and after, with Lima as my home base. So, since I have already been here for a week, I thought I’d give a little sneak peak on what I’ve been up to:

Trail Running in Pachacamac (full race recap to come)

Running in Lima (sense a theme?!)

Checking out art/environmental acts on the beach

Trekking at Colca Canyon outside Arequipa (and then being unable to walk normally for two days following the ridiculous trek that happened in less than 24hrs)

Wandering around Arequipa and getting some breath taking views

Taking lots of selfies in front of beautiful views because I am traveling alone (well, I was, I am no longer)

Sitting on buses for far too many hours, wearing the same clothes for multiple days (this photo was either from earlier today or last Sunday…I’m not sure)

Getting views like this, of the cathedral in Arequipa.

I am loving this much needed break, and taking advantage of all that Peru has to offer. I can’t believe that over a 1/3 of my trip has come and gone! Time flies!

If you want to follow along regularly on my adventures, follow me on Instagram. I am posting there whenever I have Internet access and have taken photos with my phone.

Do you have plans to travel soon? Where are you going? If not where is one place you want to go?!. I just spent four hours talking to a Brit about the last ten months traveling around the world, and now more than ever I want to visit India, Nepal, and Indonesia.


3 thoughts on “Saludos de Peru!

  1. I am at home for the next few months- kiddies are studying now at university- no more play money laying around… but love to travel by reading other people’s blogs- so tell us more about Peru as you go along, please?

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