Boston Memorial Run


This Saturday, April 20, my running team has put together a Memorial Run for Boston in Santa Cruz, CA.  Check out the link above for details and exact location.  Runners of all abilities are encouraged to join.

We are runners. We don’t have to run fast, or run marathons to call ourselves a runner. A mile is a mile, and 26.2 is still a marathon regardless of the time. Runners are a community. We chase one another, we cheer for one another, and we support one another. At no time in running history have we needed to do the latter more than right now. Therefore, on Saturday we will do just that.

Leaving from Verve Coffee on Seabright, we will head out for the Memorial Run for Boston. The run will be broken into two phases. At 7:15 a group will leave with the goal of getting in 5.5 miles. We will then return to Verve at 8:00 am to pick up any runners that would like a shorter run. Total distance will be 11-12 miles. Please wear Boston gear if you have it, and if not, please wear the trademark blue and yellow.

Tell your friends!

Although I cannot be there (and currently can’t run), I will be there in spirit and know that a lot of SCE, and my good friend Meg will be there.   So, come and run #bostonstrong on Saturday.


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