Boston: My Broken Heart

The tragic events of Marathon Monday that occurred yesterday hit home hard.  I have been trying to BQ over the past year (it would help if I actually run a marathon), and had so many runner friends in Boston, I can’t even count them on my fingers.

I awoke yesterday afternoon from my daily nap to a text from my mom asking me if I knew anyone in Boston running the marathon, and if they were okay.  Immediately I went into panic mode — I had no idea what happened.  Then, when I turned on my computer and saw my twitter feed, and started clicking through to news site after news site, I started feeling heart broken and the tears started welling up.

How could anyone – an individual or a group – do something like this on such a celebratory day across nations, across religions, across every type of person as we all united over the universal language of running.  How could someone be so heartless, be so twisted to ruin this international day where we are all united on a common ground, where no one is at war with one another, where no one hates one another because everyone is going through the same pain and great achievement.  How could someone attack my family?

My heart broke yesterday, it broke for the running community, an extension of my family, it broke for Boston, and it broke for the individuals hurt and killed, and their families.  It broke for the 8 year old boy who died.  And every time I start to think about it, or read an article, it breaks all over again.

But at the same time, I have been so inspired, so grateful, so in awe of all the wonderful people there are in the world, who have brought a light and glimmer of hope to this dreadful event.

The individuals on the Emergency Response teams who were there risking their lives to help those affected.

The runners who ran straight from the finish line (or lack there of, if they didn’t get to finish) to hospitals to donate blood.

The entire country (and world) for uniting and standing behind Boston, and showing support and love.  Having lived in Chicago, this particular tribute touched me dearly: Chicago Tribune.

The running & social media community, who started movements to show support and love, like #runforboston, #prayforboston, Run JunkEes Runners United To Remember, the pledge to wear a race shirt or blue & yellow in solidarity today and again on Friday, to dedicate a run to Boston, to be together as one.

The responses and stories that are so touching and real, and well, frankly breaks my heart all over again. A few of the articles that hit home the most:  Eye Witness to Bravery, Horror, The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love, An Explosion at the Boston Marathon, The People Who Watch Marathons.  And the responses by fellow bloggers that have inspired, and perhaps can better express my reactions and feelings: Boston Marathon: Immediate ReactionRun For Boston: 24 Hours After, Thoughts on Boston Today.

As runners, we have been hurt, but we will not stay broken.  We will unite together, as one.  We all have a common goal in running — to keep putting one foot after the other, to cross finish lines in one piece, to achieve new PRs, to overcome obstacles, to persevere when the going gets tough.  The Boston Marathon bombings have put a small dent in our shield, but we will overcome, we will come out the other side stronger.

As I move forward and dedicate my first run in almost two weeks tomorrow to #runforboston, I am looking to a positive future in the running community, and that this cloud that has been hung over Boston dissipates.  I hope that the 2013 runners are able to enjoy, at least a little bit, all that they did accomplish in getting to Boston.

My heart goes out to all those affected — both in and out of Boston — as united we run.


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