SuperBowl 10k

This past weekend, was the Annual SCTC Superbowl 10k.  While I’ve never done it before, Meg was running it this year for the 4th time and swore it was an awesome race, so I signed up.  My only goal for the race was to beat my previous 10k PR, which I had set in Fall 2010 at the Amazing Race 10k Turkey Trot in San Jose.  It was a 47:36, and I knew (based on my track workouts and current runs) I should be able to blow it out of the water.

So, race day came, and Meg & I headed over to the race start, just a couple miles away.

223480_10151477845450948_1382263197_nMe and Meg (reppin’ the 9ers) before the race

After a 1 mile warm up run (and a quick trip to the porta potty for me), we got ready to toe the line.


This race starts on a street that isn’t closed off, so we all stand on the side of the road, and then quickly file in to start the race.  Kind of entertaining.  (It’s also entertaining hearing all the volunteers yell “car back” “car back” “car back” down the road to get runners to move out of the way.)  Anyway, after filing onto the road, we were off.


I tried to start off fairly conservatively (I have a bad habit of starting out too fast and fading too quickly), so I settled into a steady pace and ran a 6:59 first mile.  After that, I settled down, into what I knew would be an ‘achievable’ pace, and just kept hitting the pavement.


For the most part, my pace felt relatively “easy.”  I settled in and just let my legs do the work.  I was kind of all over the place, but my average was right where I wanted it to be. I was almost in disbelief most of the time, but I looked at my Garmin minimally to not get too obsessed and freak out (and therefore destroy my race).

The race went by ridiculously fast, and just like that I was closing in on the last mile (I think it also helps that the race was on West Cliff in Santa Cruz — basically my favorite place to run ever), and I just kept repeating to myself “you can do anything for one mile.”

At about what I thought was .25 out from the finish, I started picking up the pace.  And as I rounded the corner to the finishline, thinking I had only .1 left, I realized that the finishline was further away than I had anticipated…and struggled to keep my pace up, but I did what I could.

580676_10151478948695948_925134804_n(1)Sprinting to the finishline

I gave it all I had at the end, and crossed the finishline in 46:06 (7:21/mi pace).*  A minute and a half PR, baby — which landed me 3rd in my speedy AG.

485272_10151478968895948_1000498982_nTaking 3rd in F25-29!

All in all it was a fabulous day, with PRs and great races all around.  Meg had a huge PR and snagged 4th woman OA and 2nd in her AG.  And our SCE teammates Aaron and Julian kicked it for the men, taking 1st OA and 3rd OA, respectively.

487713_10151478972885948_42228274_nAaron, Julian, Meg & I after the race

It was a great way to start out Superbowl Sunday (though it would’ve been better with a 49ers win…  at least that’s what I’m told), and I can’t think of a better way to kick of the 2013 racing year than with a PR!!

*The 10k course was a little long at 6.28 miles…so I maintain the thought that I could’ve run a 45:xx 10k 😉

12 thoughts on “SuperBowl 10k

    • Thanks! It was only open-road for the start…after that it was all on pathes. Though the field was small…so it was never over crowded. I don’t think I’d like an open-course race either!!

  1. I just found your blog! HUUUUGE CONGRATS on the race! I’m so glad I found you because I’m also a PhD student and ravenous eater of road races. Fancy that? Except I’m on the other (less sunshiny) coast. I’m looking forward to following you!

      • Oh that’s awesome! You will love DC! Are you graduating and moving for work?

        I’m at Princeton, so I’m sorta kinda close to DC (3 hour drive). But my in-laws live in Annapolis, so I find myself down there a lot. Maybe we could meet at a race!

      • I am hoping I will love it! I’m actually going to pursue my JD while writing my dissertation. Its a little crazy, but it will allow me to do what I love 🙂

        We will definitely have to meet up at a race!! I am in the market for new running friends on the east coast 😉

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