Run, Turkey, Run (and a PR!)

So, the blog has been empty for a little over two months.  I apologize, but with my running on a hiatus due to a horrible foot injury there really wasn’t much to blog about in terms of running.  What did I do?  Oh, I tore my plantar fascia tendon on a training run with Meg.  And no, contrary to rumors, she did not trip me for fear of me beating her at CIM this weekend (Good luck, btw!).  In fact, she was my guardian angel, and ran the 5 miles back to our cars to come get me when I couldn’t stand up to walk across the pathway to a bench.  Now that’s a true friend.  And while I was thinking I was going to be sidelined for months with inactivity…I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Much to my dismay (I tried to put my CrossFit membership on hold for a month), my CrossFit coaches decided that I could in fact keep doing CrossFit even if I was on crutches for two and a half weeks and my foot in a boot for four weeks.  They set me up with an intensive arm/ab cycle (bench press, strict press, pullups, T2B, sit ups, good mornings, dips, etc) that kept me occupied and burning during my rehab – and added a hell of a lot of definition to my arms, if I do say so myself.  On top of that, I picked up aquajogging, swimming and spinning early in the morning to keep the cardio mileage and time up.  I kept active, started eating paleo (90% of the time), and picked up the cross training.  And my, oh my did it pay off.

Just two weeks before Thanksgiving (for which I had pre-registered for a 10k, and then dropped to the 5k), I was given the a-okay to start running.  I was BEYOND stoked.  I started easing in taking a day off between my runs, and started with a 1 miler on the treadmill, then a 2 miler.  And since I was feeling really good, I picked it up and ran 3 on the road with Leslie and Meg.  I followed that up with a 1.5 mile run, a 3 mile run again with the ladies, and then took a few days hiatus, before running another 3 the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Through it all, there has been no pain in the foot (a miracle!), and I was very careful not to push myself too hard.  The same, however, cannot be said for Run, Turkey, Run 5k.

My goal was to just run the 3.1 miles.  My sister flew in for town for Thanksgiving so I didn’t have to spend it family-less, and she was just running it, so I was supposed to do the same.  I wasn’t supposed to go for time, I was just supposed to finish Run, Turkey, Run 5k.

Pre race, super excited to be running again!

Well, Thanksgiving morning I was feeling really good.  And as the race started, I just went on feel.  Next thing I know?  I’m running 7:00 for the first mile.  I knew this was bad, so I pulled back — or so I thought: 7:13 for the second mile.  The third mile my legs decided to hate me, and it was a 7:40, and the last .07 was at some unknown pace.

My sister and I post Turkey Trot

Next thing I know I finished 6th woman OA (I thought I was 5th, but apparently some woman behind me snuck in), and 3rd in my AG (20-29).  Oh yeah, and I ran my way to a shiny PR.  Yes, a 22 second PR with a time of 22:23 (7:13/mile pace for 3.07), having only been running for not even a full two weeks prior.

All smiles with my AG 3rd place medal!

Talk about cross training paying off, and not losing any speed during injury.  Hell, I got faster.

It was a great way to get back into running, and has made me super excited for the months of running in front of me (and here’s to NOT getting injured anytime soon — knock on wood!).  And all the crosstraining has definitely made me really thankful for the days that I can get out there and run.  Its amazing what a little perspective will do for you.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?  Did you run a turkey trot?  I spent it with great friends and family (yay sis!), and was happy to be running in the morning.  I seriously couldn’t have been more thankful for that.


5 thoughts on “Run, Turkey, Run (and a PR!)

  1. Congrats Elise!!!! Sorry about that you had to get injured in the first place, but you just got a shiny new PR!!! Very cool, your hard work in cross training paid off. I am finding that I am almost as fast as I was before I got diagnosed with compartment syndrome. I missed months of running, but I am almost right back to where I was with hardly any running. I credit this to spinning a lot to keep up my cardio and joining a cross fit gym.

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you recovered from compartment syndrome — that’s not easy to come back from! Great to hear another success story post injury, and find another crossfitter 🙂

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