Surfer’s Path Race **A Giveaway**

If there’s one thing I rave about to everyone I know about where I live, it’s the running paths along the ocean and the perfect weather climate.


It’s the reason why I jump at the opportunity to run every single race I can afford in town (that and the fact I can sleep in my bed and wake up only 30 minutes pre-race time and still make it to the start line).


Case in point?  In the past year I’ve run 4 races in Santa Cruz, and I have at least four more on the docket before the end of 2012.

As you can imagine, when I heard about a new race coming to town, what did I do?!  Oh, that’s right I signed up for it, immediately.  26.2 with these views?


(Who wouldn’t want to run by this?!)

That being said, I’d love to see at least one of you out there on race day who will join me (on at least half this adventure), which is why I’m offering (courtesy of the Surfer’s Path Race) a FREE ENTRY to this inaugural event!

So, if you’re ready to run 13.1 miles on the beautiful coast of Capitola that runs right by steamer’s lane (home to many world class surfers) or run 26.2 miles that includes running by a surfing sweet spot at Cowell’s Cove and up through Wilder Ranch onto the coastal bluffs, then pay attention below.


If you want win an entry to the inaugural race of the Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half Marathon on Sunday, May 20, 2012, here’s the deets on how to enter:

There is one required way to enter, and up to two additional entries available.  The winner can choose which race they want to run: Surfer’s Path Marathon or the Capitola Half Marathon.  Here are the rules:

Required Entries:

(1) Follow @RunSurfersPath and Tweet something creative about the race and giveaway, including @RunSurfersPath and a link to this post in your tweet or just tweet “Just entered to with a free entry to @RunSufersPath from @PhDStrides at” and comment back here that you did.

For up to 2 Additional Entries:

(2) Like Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half Marathon on Facebook, and comment back here that you did.

(3) Leave a comment telling me which race you want to run – and why!

So, that’s up to three chances to win a free race entry!  Entry closes Thursday, April 12, 2012 at midnight PST and the winner will be announced (utilizing a random number generated by Friday the 13th!

***Giveaway includes one free race entry into the Surfer’s Path Marathon or Capitola Half Marathon on May 20th, 2012 only. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or credit nor can it be rolled over to next year’s event. But don’t let that stop you from entering! ***

39 thoughts on “Surfer’s Path Race **A Giveaway**

  1. Hey Hey Elise! I’m entering because I’ve about maxed out my race budget but I really want to run this one (I’m gonna die if I see all the runners right out side my house and I’m not with them!). I’m looking at the half since I’m gonna wait until after my course work is done to train for another marathon 🙂 go phd slugs!

  2. I hope to run the half. I’m training for a marathon that is end of June, and I’m looking for a good half in May to keep my energy up. I ran the Santa Cruz half last weekend and LOVED the views.

  3. And now I’m commenting to tell you that I’d like to run the half. 🙂

    I’m training for my first full, and I think the date of this half would fit in perfectly into my racing schedule!

  4. I want to run the Capitola Half because although I could probably do a full marathon, the half marathon is my favorite distance to race and I love that the course is like the Wharf to Wharf and back! I’m so excited about this race, and I love that it’s so close to my birthday……what a way to celebrate my 22nd birthday!

  5. I would love to run the Capitola 1/2 because since I was little I used to hear about the magical town of Santa Cruz, where everybody surfed! and on my 1st computer I had a floppy disk (am I showing my age here?) with a surfing game where one of the spots was Santa Cruz…But I digress….
    Never been there yet, and just moved to california (4 days ago) so it would be neat to be there at last, running a race!
    And I’m hoping I win because I really really want to do this race and my lack of employment in my new city is messing with my race budget!

    • Great to hearT And good luck! Yes, I LOVE running here in Santa Cruz. There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed to run alongside the ocean… What other races have you done here?

  6. I would like to run the half. I just ran the Hollywood Half Marathon yesterday and I’ll be back in California Mother’s Day weekend for a 5k with a friend near San Diego… why not make it three races in California this spring?!

  7. I want to run the full marathon. I am really excited about the race. I love the scenery and the cool ocean breeze. I feel so lucky to live near my favorite place to run, and am so glad they have a marathon there now! I did my first marathon in 2010 at the California International Marathon when my son was 19 months old, and found traveling and sleeping in a hotel with a restless toddler so tiring before my race I vowed to do only local races. So this is sort of a dream come true race for me.

  8. I would love to run the Capitola Half since it’s my final year in Santa Cruz and I wanna go out with a bang 🙂 It would be my 1st half! A few of my co-workers are also doing the half, but the cost has been deterring me from registering. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    • Unfortunately the giveaway has ended, but use the promo code “Surfer” or “Surfers” (I forget which) at the checkout today (April 30), and you’ll get $10 off registration!

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