Workout: 5 miles on dreadmill (4×800 at 6:58 plus warm up, cooldown) and BodyPump

It totally feels like yesterday was New Years Eve, and I was hanging out with my bestie in NYC. 


Now, however, its March 1st, and I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone, or how my health went out the window.

As such, Im starting March out right…and introducing: MFM2012!

(aka March Fitness Madness 2012 or lose the Jan/Feb weight gain blues and start training for that SUB4M)

I started it off right by signing up for a new fitness endeavour: TRX!  I bought an 8 class pass to try it out, and I’m super excited and rejuvenated in terms of excercise energy. 

I’m also half-assed training for two half marathons in early April.

But the big one on my mind: Surfer’s Path Marathon on May 20 here in Santa Cruz. And Im adopting the SUB4ORDIE mantra of SarahOUAL…thanks for the motivation, girl!

(And I basically want the SUB4 so I can pretend I’m in the same league as SR…a girl can dream..)

So, here’s to starting March off right.

How do you want to change things up for March?


2 thoughts on “MFM2012

  1. I was terrible in Jan and Feb. I am definitely changing things up in March, too! I’ve been juicing to supplement my nutrition for the last couple of weeks and this month I started attending a bootcamp to get back into shape. Hopefully I’ll get back to running and blogging consistently, too. Good luck with your training!

  2. I am with you on the half assing for half marathon training. I really wanted to do it but I feel like my body is telling me something else. Mine might have to wait until fall until I get stronger b/c I don’t want to injure myself. The SC race sounds fun. I moved to SF… if you’re ever up this way give me a shout out 🙂

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