Foodbuzz Festival: A Good Lookin’ Gala

Saturday night of the Foodbuzz festival was the annual Gala dinner.  This year, it was held at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco.  After an afternoon of tasting decadent food, running over to my race expo to pick up my half marathon packet for Sunday’s race, Julia and I got all dolled up and joined Mellissa and Melissa in our hotel lobby before heading over to dinner. 

Since it was raining on our walk to the Hyatt, the other girls huddled under the umbrella, while I ran with my coat over my head towards cover.

foodbuzz 081

Once we got to dinner, we were served Alexia fries for appetizers.  The fries were the new flavors created by fellow bloggers – look for them in stores soon!  (I can’t remember the flavors…I’m a bad blogger Winking smile)

foodbuzz 082   foodbuzz 083   foodbuzz 086

foodbuzz 088

Then, there were more appetizers once we got into the dinner.  Vegetarian sushi, veggie samosa and butternut squash risotto bites.

foodbuzz 093   foodbuzz 094   foodbuzz 095

foodbuzz 097

Before dinner, we had a special guest do a tasting demonstration: the handsome, charming and talented Tyler Florence!  He cooked up a pork chop and spaetzel dinner – it smelled and looked fantastic.  Sadly, we didn’t get to eat it… 

He also announced and honored the bloggers who created the new Alexia fries flavors (the ones we tried during cocktail hour) – congrats to the bloggers who created the flavors!

foodbuzz 107   foodbuzz 108   foodbuzz 110

foodbuzz 115

One Tyler’s demonstration was over, dinner was served.  Well, everyone else’s dinner was served…

Through a string of miscommunications from the wonderful people at Foodbuzz to the kitchen and servers at the Grand Hyatt, my server had no idea what to do about my no-dairy diet.  I was served a salad with blue cheese – which I had to send back.  Then it took 10 minutes to get me a salad without.  And another 10 to get me some salad dressing  vinegar and oil(I kid not).  By the time I got it, my table was long done.  Bibb lettuce salad with honey roasted pears and glazed pecans. 

foodbuzz 117

And then dinner, I’m not even sure what my entrée was…but it looked like this:

foodbuzz 119       foodbuzz 120

It was supposedly dairy free, but I have this sneaking suspicion it wasn’t.  [Case in point: I had my typical reaction to dairy consumption take over Sunday morning mid-race until Monday evening.  Worst 48 hours I’ve had in 6 years.]

Luckily, dessert (for me) was redeeming.  Fruit never looked soooo good.

foodbuzz 122

Taste the rainbow.

And my dessert was incredibly better than that served to the regular crowd.  Have you ever seen a bread pudding that stuck to your fork like this one?

foodbuzz 124

Yeah, neither had we…

And, I had some amazing tablemates: Julia, Mellissa, Melissa, Kathleen and Kara.



After dinner with these amazing women, we headed back to the hotel where I promptly crashed (and eagerly took advantage of that extra hour of sleep) because I had stupidly (yes, you were right Melissa) signed up for a half marathon Sunday morning.  A half marathon I quickly regretted when my stomach started to turn (excuse my french):


And then when it didn’t go away, it hit me: I was having a dairy allergy attack.  And the next day when I was still in pain it was confirmed:


Le sigh.  Besides the allergy attack, and the lackluster food, but delightful company Gala dinner, the weekend in San Fran for Foobuzz was a blast!  I had a great time making new friends, finding out about different products, and just having two days away from all that is econ and graduate school.

Have you ever had a problem with servers not understanding your order or special diet needs?  Have you ever sent a meal back? 

Have you ever had a bad reaction to food or food poisoning?  What was it from – and do you eat it anymore?


3 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Festival: A Good Lookin’ Gala

  1. Stupid dairy.
    Also, I have a love-hate relationship of me with that hockey puck, I mean bread pudding.
    You better believe I mentioned all that in my Foodbuzz Festival survey 🙂

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