Foodbuzz Festival: Decadent Tastes

The highlight of Foodbuzz Festival for me last year was the Tasting Pavilion.  Three hours of tasting decadent foods produced (mostly) locally to the Bay Area and learning about the companies, their stories and the product.  So Saturday, when it came time for the Tasting Pavillion, I put on my big girl stretchy pants (jeans + spandex), and got ready to let my taste buds go insane.

Though there were a ton of products I truly enjoyed, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites:

Perhaps the best thing I’ve eaten in my life: Honey Walnut Spread served over goat cheese, provided by California Walnuts.   It’s a great appetizers piece – expect to see it make an appearance at my holiday meals! (The recipe can be found here.)

foodbuzz 010       foodbuzz 068

It was a serious food orgasm, no joke.  I ate at least 4 of them.  I stopped counting after 4.

Vignette.  Wine Soda – alcohol free wine.  All of the flavor, none of the alcohol.  foodbuzz 026       foodbuzz 027

21st Amendment Brewery – I sampled the Watermelon wheat beer – made with real watermelon, which would be a great summer drink.  Though, lets be honest: I wanted to drink it for the can designs alone…

foodbuzz 021

Sonoma Syrup.  Hand crafted syrups, extracts and drizzlers that will make you drool.  After trying their vanilla bean simple syrup, I was in love and wanted to lick my spoon until I could taste it no more.  They also gave me a bottle of the vanilla bean to try at home – look for it on top of delicious recipes soon: I’m thinking drizzled on top of cinnamon rolls, apple crisp, vanilla soy icecream…

foodbuzz 031

Culinary Twist all natural sauces.  They were flavorful, but not over powerful and made with ingredients of which I could pronounce everything – and they even had some gluten free options!  My favorite was Maya Bay, a Thai marinade, sauce and dip.  Really awakened my tastebuds.

foodbuzz 033

The station I fawned over for hours: Redwood Hill Farm Goat Cheese and yogurt (not pictured).  I love their products, that it’s a small, organic farm that treats their goats with love and feeds them right, and provides a quality product to their consumers.  Its one of two goat cheese/yogurt products I buy, and will remain so.

foodbuzz 043       foodbuzz 045

Fat Toad Farm Goat Cheese Carmel from Vermont.  It’s a product currently being featured in the Foodzie cooking box, and one I recommend checking out if you’re looking for a new twist on carmels for the holiday season.  I tried all four flavors, and my favorites were the Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean.  Sooooo good.  I tried to run away with a box of it, but they didn’t let me Winking smile

foodbuzz 047   foodbuzz 048   foodbuzz 049

foodbuzz 050

foodbuzz 052       foodbuzz 051

I also really enjoyed the House of Balsamic vinegars.  I was actually so in love with their product (though to be honest, I can’t really afford it), that I forgot to take photos.  But their 6, 12, 25 year balsamic vinegars made me want to make love to the spoon it was on.  And their white balsamic made me swoon – the flavor and price — and I actually was given a bottle to try at home, so I’ll hopefully be sharing recipes with you soon! .


The bbq sauce that stole the show was J. Lee Roy’s Dippin’ Sauce.  It was true bbq flavors, with none of the preservatives or ‘bad stuff.’  Natural ingredients of which I could pronounce every single one of them!

foodbuzz 057       foodbuzz 058

And I also couldn’t help but be won over by the wonderful, cheerful owners!

foodbuzz 059

And on the way out of the Pavillion, these TCHO bad boy’s caught my eye.  Decadent chocolates – where the flavor comes from the type of cocoa, and no two batches taste exactly the same.  LOVE it!

foodbuzz 079

Julia and I, post-three-hour-eating-binge after the Pavillion.  We had a great day.

foodbuzz 076

There were so many other wonderful products at the Tasting Pavillion, but I don’t have photos of them all, so these are just a few of the most memorable.  I had a great time networking with companies and trying new products, and I’m excited to use some of them that I just can’t live with out on a more regular basis to ‘spice’ up my meals!

Is there a product listed above that you would love to try?!  What is your favorite ‘indulgent’ product to cook with or have around the house? 

5 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Festival: Decadent Tastes

  1. SO bummed that I didn’t run into you at Foodbuzz. I didn’t have a laptop, nor do I have internet on my phone (what kinda blogger AM I?), so it was tough for me to find anyone. My stomach is still reeling from the weekend, too. Gah dairy.

    • I’m bummed I didn’t run into you as well!!! I wish I hadn’t had my phone at times, but c’est la vie. And I hear you on the stomach — hopefully its getting better, though!

  2. Loved the dipping sauces too and pretty much wanted to put the bottle of white balsamic in my purse. I wish I had tried more stuff, guess I just got caught up in chatting and since my normal diet doesn’t consist of such rich foods, I didn’t want to ruin my stomach. Speaking of stomachs… Hope you are feeling back to your normal self.

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