Nike Women’s Expotique

Its that time of year again – I just finished the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon!

But, first things first: Day-Before-The Race Expotique


I’m so excited to participating in this event again this year.  Last year’s full marathon was a blast, and I’m sticking to tradition and running again this year with Julia.  But, this time we’re only running the half.  As I’ve wisely learned being out here in the Bay Area for a year now:

“Friends don’t let friends run the full Nike Women’s Marathon.”

I got to the Expo earlier than last year, and it was a breeze – I literally walked right in! (Last year we stood in line for what seemed like an eternity.) However, the expo (following in last year’s footsteps) left much to be desired.  I did like the POM booth and the Somersault booth.  Other than that, I wasn’t impressed.

20111015_122837   20111015_123141   20111015_121449

I also wasn’t impressed with the overpriced Nike gear for the race.  I’m sorry, but I can’t drop $70 on a sweatshirt – no matter how cute it is.

And there was a celebrity spotting!  (I recognize her, but definitely have no idea what her name is…she is gorgeous, though!)


(Who is she?!)

And of course, what we’re all really running in this race for:


And, I once again found my name on the Nike Store wall.


And now that I’ve picked up my bib, meandered through the Expo, I’m ready to run.


What do you run to be?!  I run to stay sane Winking smile  And because I can.


3 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Expotique

  1. I had the exact same experience/reaction to the expo. I feel like overall this year just wasn’t as stellar as my experience I had running the NWM half last year, a little disappointing but I still love my Tiffany’s necklace.

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