Breaking News: Just In…

My-oh-my.  These past two weeks have been ridiculous.  The week before my prelim retake consisted of 12-14 hour study days for SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT.  During this time I also managed to do my long last run – it was supposed to be 20 miles, it turned out to be 18.  Sometimes you can’t win them all – and this time I was exhausted.

The week post-prelim retake was almost more stressful than the week before. MY ENTIRE future was on the line.  If I passed it, I could continue on the path towards becoming a professor.  However, if I failed, I would be out of the program.  The stress got to me.  I had a few too many glasses of wine, didn’t sleep well, and was out too late a few too many nights.

But then, then on Tuesday morning I got a phone call from the department.  And it was official: I PASSED MY PRELIM!  And with that, I was officially a second year – and officially FULLY FUNDED!  No more career path stress, no more monetary stress.  Within 30 seconds it felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. 

And I couldn’t have done it without all of you.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.  PhD programs – and all grad programs – are not easy on the mind or psyche.  All of your encouraging comments and thoughts really helped me through.  So, thank you for being the best bloggers and readers a girl could ask for.

The other thing that got me through this time was fuel…

019   024   007

And awesome PhD friends and time on the coastal bluffs…


025 - Copy   024   028

026   039   037


Feels so good to know where I’m going to be for the next four years.  And with that note, time to hit the books on Friday night – marathon on Sunday!!!!

How do you celebrate great news?  What was your most recent great news?

Anyone else going to be at HMBIM this weekend?!


14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Just In…

  1. I saw your post on tag surfer and was blown away by the photos of the beach. Very Nice. It made me want to ask you how you post them so well. I can manage a photo or two but they never seem to be even or so neatly placed no matter how often I resize and move them.

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