Marathon Training Update

I almost forgot, so I’m assuming most of you have too.  So here’s an update: I’m training for the inaugural Half Moon Bay International Marathon on September 25.  There will be 500 runners total, running the marathon, half marathon and a 10k course.


Since my training until mid-month was centered around my first triathlon, I haven’t really been doing ‘great’ marathon training.  However, I finally managed a long run this past weekend on Sunday.  I conquered 16 miles – 11 (very hard mentally/physically) on my own, and then picked up the pace for the last 5 which I ran with Christine (SoloRunner).

The first 11 miles, I struggled a lot.  I got lost (which slowed me a bit), but it was moreso that my legs just felt like bricks.  It might not have been the smartest idea to just jump in and do 16 miles – the previous longest distance I had run was three weeks before (14), but I figured with the marathon only a month away, I had to get some decent mileage in there.  But, with the help of Christine, I was able to finish the 16 miles in 2:35 and some change – and with only 10.2 miles to add onto that, I’m on pace to hit my time goal for the marathon (especially if I have a better mental/physical day).

After running the five miles with Christine, we headed over to Café Gratitude.  Café Gratitude has restaurants all over the San Francisco and Bay Area, but this one just opened up here in Santa Cruz.  They focus on raw, vegan, gluten free diets.  And their food is to die for.  I’m not joking.  The minute I started looking at the menu, I was sold on their I Am Extraordinary – BLT Sandwich.  The menu description:

“I Am Extraordinary ~ BLT Sandwich with sautéed maple coconut bacon, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, and avocado.  Served with spice chipotle aioli on an organic wheat bun.”




(Dim lighting + camera phone = poor quality photos; but I couldn’t not capture this beauty.  It was too good.)

I could’ve never imagined a vegan BLT to be this good – but my word.  It was delicious.  Christine ordered the same, and we were both members of the clean plate club.  And these days I rarely like to be a member.  If you live in the area (or are visiting), I highly recommend checking out Café Gratitude for a meal – or just for their vegan/raw desserts (I wanted to walk away with full cakes, but restrained myself).

Although as a grad student Café Gratitude will have to be a ‘treat’ for me, I plan on making it a ‘monthly’ treat, because its healthy, delicious, they don’t have oversized portions and my body was satisfied, but not stuffed.  Something that can be hard to achieve at restaurants without having to restrict one’s self.

Oh, and I got this in the mail yesterday (along with an amazing headband I’m going to rock for my upcoming marathon) from one of my best girlfriends, JC, for my birthday.


Can’t WAIT to put it on my car.  Yeah, that’s right.  I tri.  Thanks chica, I love it!

Sorry about the slow blogging this week.  Its been a busy, stressful, but suuuuper productive week.  I’ve gotten a ton of work + studying done.  13 days til prelim retake!

How has your week been so far?


10 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

  1. Good luck with your upcoming exams! And congrats on an awesome training week! I really think that when long runs aren’t going so great but we push through anyway it is tremendously good for our mental toughness. So way to knock out 16 miles!

  2. Isn’t it amazing to have those small tokens that represent your accomplishment. My 26.2 magnet was my proudest moment! What training plan did you use for the tri?

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