Weekend Getaway: Los Angeles

I spent last weekend outside of LA in Simi Valley with my aunt and uncle.  I didn’t have access to internet, so I took the chance to just disconnect from the world.  And let me tell you, I had a great time.  Some highlights of my trip:

Run/hike up Rocky Peak Trail in Simi Valley.

I initially planned to run 12-16 miles on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately (for running purposes only), my aunt and uncle live in Simi Valley.  For those of you who don’t know what this means, here is the gist: You either run up a hill or you run down a hill.  There are no flats.

From where I parked my car, I headed off ambitiously towards Rocky Peak Trail still planning on doing 12+ miles.  It was a 1.5 mile fairly steep climb to the trailhead.  And wow – it was hard.  When I arrived at the trailhead, I realized I was absolutely nuts for thinking I could climb up it.  Here’s what I saw.


(It may not look that steep, but it was – and slippery gravel too.)

So, instead, I decided to climb one mile up the trail, and then head back home.  I was happy to just hike and enjoy my time – I mean, look at the views!


044   049   045

All in all, 5 miles – 3 miles running, 2 miles hiking.  And tons of schweat.

Botanical Gardens (I’m not sure where….)


Betty Boop roses – soo pretty!

057     058


Venice Beach

I can’t really explain Venice Beach, but I’m pretty sure the photos do the eclectic gathering of people, things and sights all the explanation it needs.

065   066   069


073   076   077

And the latest fashion…fur legwarmers.  Because obviously they’re needed with shorts in LA – if you need them, PUT ON PANTS.


Hermosa Beach

I was supposed to come here to my aunt and uncle’s condo this past spring with the girls for spring break.  But then, it was pouring in LA and pouring in SC, so we opted to forgo the 6 hour drive to hang out in the rain when we could do that at home.  But, I’m looking forward to staying there in the future…soo beautiful.


085   091   093

The center photo is of a group of drummers that gather every Sunday on Hermosa to jam, and raise money to help disadvantaged children in the community – it was awesome, and they sounded great!

We also happened upon a profession volleyball tournament that was happening on Hermosa.



All in all I had a fabulous weekend.  It was nice to get away from the craziness of work, studying and spend a few days relaxing (I did work while I was there, but it wasn’t the same).

Do you ever just disconnect from the internet/social media?  Why/how do you do it (or not do it)?  I try to do it about once a month – even if its just for 24 hours.  I find myself constantly on computers and my cellphone, and though its difficult, its sometimes nice to forget my cellphone at home and just go out for the day.  While I can’t do it often (I get lost easily and require my phone’s GPS), when I can I feel like I can slow down and enjoy each moment a little more.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Los Angeles

  1. Those ARE some pretty amazing views! And it looks like SUCH a great weekend!

    I just spent our anniv trip sans internet/phone. It was a great little break to have. But I also love feeling connected so I love that I have Facebook and blogging! 🙂

  2. Ah that picture of the sailboat just transmitted instant calm to my soul. I try to disconnect for the better part of a day at least once a month, and I don’t often check emails/FB/blogs etc. when I’m on vacation for a week or so in the summer. All this technology has many benefits, but I think sometimes it detracts from a truly lived existence.

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