Almond Joy Nut Butter


Around 4pm on Tuesday, I decided I wanted to make nut butter.  But not any nut butter, I decided I wanted to make nut butter that tasted like an Almond Joy candy bar.

My favorite candy bar growing up (by a landslide) was a Mounds Bar.  Since I haven’t been able to have one for about 6 years (thank you cow dairy allergy), I have taken to getting raw coconut shreds and drizzling dairy-free chocolate syrup over the top.  Yes I really do that, yes its one of my favorite desserts, and no I don’t have any photos (most people think its pretty disgusting so I tend to keep it to myself).

Anyways, so as I was day dreaming today about chocolate and coconut, it came to me that it would be genius to make it into a nut butter, and put in my yogurt + oat combination in the morning. 

All you need are almonds, dark chocolate chips, raw coconut shreds and a pinch of salt.


I used my food processor to cream the almonds.


It took about 7 minutes in my Ninja (as Hillary called it in a comment somewhere: “The poor student’s Vitamix”), and it looked like this:


A few minutes later, we had a creamy mixture.


Then, I took it out, and put in the raw coconut shreds.


About 5 minutes later we had coconut butter.  I will now be making my own coconut butter – SO much cheaper than buying it in the store (I think)!


Then I added back in the almond butter.  And processed for a minute to fully mix.


Then I added in the chocolate chips and a dash of salt.


Processed for a few minutes and voila: Almond Joy Nut Butter.


It is delicious, and so smooth and silky.  And tastes exactly like an almond joy bar.  I’m in candy heaven.  Except its ‘healthy’ and dairy free (and gluten free!) – and at least I know exactly what is in it.

Almond Joy Nut Butter

  • 2 cups raw almonds
  • 3 1/3 cups raw coconut shreds
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips (I used Guittard brand)
  • pinch of salt (probably bout 1/4 tsp or so)

Put the almonds in your food processor.  Process until it starts to look like nut butter (about 15 minutes).  You will have to continuously stop the processor to scrape the sides of the processor.  After the almonds are creamy, put it into a bowl, and put the coconut shreds into the processor.  Process (about 5 minutes) until smooth and creamy – it should have a gel like consistency.  Again you will have to scrape the sides of the processor.

Then, add back in the almond cream, and process for about a minute, til they’re thoroughly mixed.  Then add in the chocolate chips and salt, and process until creamy.  Let cool.  Then pour into mason jars – or storage container of choice.  Store on the shelf (if you put it in the fridge it gets hard as a rock).  And enjoy. 


I had a few of my cohort members taste test it.  One wanted more chocolate, one wanted more coconut and one thought it was great.  As such, I’m going with the fact that I’m in love with the current flavor palate and saying it’s the “Perfect Almond Joy Nut Butter.”

And it made it into my breakfast this morning…though since I put it in the fridge overnight, it was more so a Almond Joy Nut Butter crumble…



Have you ever made your own nut butter before?!  I highly recommend it.  Its pretty easy, you know exactly what is in it.  There is no added sugar, oils, etc.  And its smoother, creamier, and more flavorful than any nut butter I’ve gotten from a store before – Even PB&Co, and I LOVE their nut butter.


9 thoughts on “Almond Joy Nut Butter

  1. I found your blog via at EXACTLY the right time. I needed to learn about this wonderful idea. I think my mouth was hanging open reading this entire post. Mind blown. Thank you! This is a must-try. Now you’ve got me thinking… TJ’s and New Leaf just started carrying coconut milk in tetrapacks; I wonder what coconut/almond/chocolate milk as a beverage would be like? (Yes, I’m local… Nice to meet you!) ~Jen

    • Umm, that sounds delicious — or at a minimum in smoothie form! Nice to meet you too! I know of a few other bloggers in the area, we’ll have to do a fro-yo/lunch meet up sometime soon!

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