August Life Lately

I’m off on my second to last swim/bike before the Olympic Triathlon next Sunday – I can’t believe its already right around the corner!  As I’m off getting my exercise on, I thought I’d give you an update on the past week, which has been (though work-packed), quite delightful.

August is one of my favorite months of the year.  In Minnesota its usually never quite as hot as the end of July, it means that fall is coming (and I love fall – the colors, omg the colors), and its my birthday month – and the birthday month of a lot of family and friends (at least three people in my cohort have birthdays with me)!  Yay for birthdays! – it means lots of delicious cake.

So I’ve gotten caught up in life lately, but thought I’d share with you the glories of the first few days:

August Workouts

Monday: Swim 2400m + 13.9 mile bike
Tuesday: Bodypump + 1.25 mile run
Wednesday: Run .5 mile (I wasn’t feeling it) + Physique 57 Vol. 1 Express
Thursday: Run 1.25 mile + 4 mile bike + Bodypump
Friday: 2000m swim
Saturday: 14.5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk (up mtn) home

August Eats

002 - Copy   021 - Copy   022 - Copy

023   033   037

It was national watermelon day on Wednesday – so I cut open a watermelon, and have been enjoying it ever since!

And my most recent obsession, Capretta Goat Yogurt (a Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Product). 

024   025   026

027     029

For the plain 6oz, there are only 80 calories!  And for the sweetened strawberry + blueberry, there are only 116 calories and, though there are 13g of sugar (more than I prefer), the ingredient list is incredible.  I bought 12 of these babies at Whole Foods last week because they were 2-for-1, making each one well under a $1 (something hard to come by with goat/soy yogurt!)

August Fun

It was one of my cohort’s members birthdays this past week, so I attempted to make a cake that most parties could make – I attempted to make it gluten free & vegetarian (I nixed the vegan part because I couldn’t find my flax….its somewhere in the cupboard).

Well, the first one was a FAIL.  Major kitchen fail – I tried to make it with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour, and I seriously wanted to spit it out.  It tasted like chalk.  It was nasty.  And it also looked like this:

041   044   045

Kitchen FAIL.

So, I did what any normal person would be, I attempted a flourless chocolate cake (automatically gluten free as long as the vanilla extract & chocolate is gluten free!)

046   048  

It turned out beautifully, and then…then I put it on the stove to cool, ran to the store to pick up a gel pen to write on the cake, and when I returned the entire house smelled like it was burning.

Turns out I’m a space cadet (I blame it on the PhD) and I had turned on one of the stove burners (we have an electric stove) when I thought I was turning off the oven, and the bottom of the cake had started to burn.

Kitchen FAIL #2.  Luckily I was able to just hack off the bottom of the cake, warn people about the slightly burnt outside edges, and it was still delicious – and it even said happy birthday.


Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be baking this week.  Next week: less baking, more studying.

But we did birthday celebrating none-the-less.

052   057   058

How did you start off the first week of August (the best month of the year – yes I’m biased)?!


5 thoughts on “August Life Lately

  1. I was following your tweets about the baking debacles, but the second cake looks totally yummy! I started August off by buying a new backpack for commuting by bike at the Fossil store at the MoA and running a half-marathon.

  2. What a good deal on those yogurts!
    Baking is always hit or miss with me. It seems like I always do something wrong. I made some cookie last week that were ridiculously flat and overly buttery. Oh well.

  3. I can’t believe I missed National Watermelon Day!

    Sounds like you had a great start to August – it’s one of my favorite months, too 🙂

  4. Aww happy birthday month, girl! It’s our anniversary month so we always take time out to celebrate so it’s one of my favorite months as well. Tied with July (my bday month) for sure! 😀

    And hey, at least the cake was still edible and tasty, right?! 😉

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