Let’s Play Ball!

Yesterday was spent in Oakland at the Twins v. A’s game.  Though we (the Twins) lost
8-3, I had a blast hanging out with my friends Sara, Kristen & Johnny.

The day started at 4pm with the annual A’s Beer Fest!  For $12 you got a 6oz souvenir cup and 3 6oz beer tastings from any number of microbreweries that were there.  It was crowded!  I’m pretty sure every fan >21 was in there – it was packed!  And there was a live band!

006   007   008


And it wouldn’t be a beer fest without an Alcohol Compliance Supervisor!

Since I’m not eating gluten, I bee-lined it to the Crispin station to get my cider on.  And wow, did they have some amazing ciders – ones I had never seen/tried before.  The Landsdowne was incredible – it was made with Irish Stout yeast and organic molasses.


A definite winner for a sipper-cider.  Delicious.  Unfortunately they ran out after I got my first taste, so the rep gave me a half glass of their last bottle of a cider that isn’t even on the market yet – and I can’t remember the name!  But, it was incredible, and gone far too quickly.  Since I had two tickets for tastings left, I passed them onto my friends.  We also made it on the A’s fan photo website (twice).  They were giving us twins fans a lot of lovin’:



source: A’s TrueFans (here’s hoping I don’t get reprimanded for ‘stealing’ them – they were actually REALLY good photos, just too expensive to buy as a ‘souveneir – $29.99 for download rights, really?!)

And then, though we bought bleacher tickets ($13 each!), one of my friends scored us seats in the lower level due to the lack of ushers.  So we had a pretty good view of the field.

011   015   017


As is required at most baseball game, more beer, wine, and snacks were consumed.  It was a quality game (even though we lost….).  Another baseball field off my list – I have the goal of seeing the Twins play in every stadium in the country: so far I’ve got Wrigley, Comiskey, Tiger’s Stadium & the Coliseum off my list.  There’s still a lot left to go – luckily I’m still young!

We finished the night out in Berkeley at Jupiter, where I got a delicious salmon salad.  And then I had a half-and-half cider style: pomegranate cider + pink lady apple cider.  A little on the sweet side, but delicious.  I would love to go back here again, and try the mango cider, and a few of the other salads while sitting on the patio.

Then we headed to Albatross (Berkeley’s oldest pub), where we ate lots of delicious popcorn, had another drink and played darts.  I loved the atmosphere of the Albatross — it was laid back, old school.  Definitely will be returning.  It was a great Saturday – so great to spend the day with friends from all different parts of my life.  Nothing quite like a day at the baseball field and night out in a fun town.

Unfortunately I had one-too-many drinks yesterday and today was a little rough.  I’m not 21 anymore.  I need to remember that.  And drink more water.

I so do not want to go back to work tomorrow…as such, lets reminisce about the greatness of weekend adventures or relaxation:

How did you spend your weekend?  What would you do on your ideal weekend?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball!

  1. I went to Ano Nuevo and Big Basin and then picked blackberries on the way home! You should totally make a trip there! It’s only 20 minutes down highway 1!

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