Goodbye July & 7 Links

First off – I can’t believe that July is almost gone!  It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the 4th with my family in Minnesota.  I can’t believe the month is already over!  Man how time flies when you’re busy!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being tagged by Marlon at Me in The Balance for the 7 Links Post.  I’ve had fun looking back at the posts from the past year, and I’m excited to share them all with you.

1 – Most Beautiful Post

The post I find the most beautiful is the one on Crushed Red Pepper Hummus.  I still drool over my own photos of the hummus – and it makes me want to make hummus everytime I see them.  (And the hummus really is as delicious as it looks).

2 – Most Popular Post

I was kind of surprised when I realized that A Foodzie Tasting Box was my most popular post, but then again, there has been a buzz going around the internets about this super popular, delicious and creative way to give gifts and try out new products.  When I got my Foodzie tasting Box to try, I absolutely loved it (though I couldn’t eat all the products) and was happy to share two boxes with two of my readers – who loved it as well!

If you haven’t given a Foodzie Tasting Box a try, it’s a great sampler for you – or the foodie in your life.

3 – Most Controversial Post

I don’t’ really know if I have a controversial post…but my Confessions of a Meat Eater, and how I’m no longer eating any due to stomach issues received a fair bit of attention – and feedback from so many people who had similar issues!  I didn’t realize so many people out there had stomach problems, and had tons of advice – what their problems were, and how they were controlling it.  Sometimes I feel like we all have stomach issues, just some people don’t want to talk about it or make it known – or figure there isn’t anything one can do about it.  But I have taken action, and was able to share that my body is now in a place where I can smile like this:

4 – Most Helpful Post

One of my most helpful posts for dealing with stomach issues, was about GoodBelly’s products – my post-challenge review and give away.  I was able to share my success with adding probiotics to my diet, and how (as a dairy-free) individual, I was able to incorporate them in a non-soy yogurt and pill way – and a pretty darn tasty way at that! 

5 – Surprise Success

I never thought that my post about the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon would get as much attention as it did, but apparently my recap has been one that has received a ton of attention by people looking to run the marathon this coming fall.  As the second most popular post on my site, it blew me away: people really want to know about (and trust) my recount of the marathon?  That’s pretty awesome.

I also love how happy I was in this photo – a true sign of a successful marathon!

6 – Not Enough Attention

One of my favorite meals all times is Cuban Black Beans

They’re delicious, full of flavor, protein-rich and amazing on a cool day (or any day, really).  And I was really surprised when I discovered that (according to WordPress) there had been only one visit to this post.  Definitely an overlooked recipe, that I love and frequently make.

7 – Most Proud Of

The post I’m most proud of was actually written two days ago.  It was the post in which I admitted that everything isn’t always happy-go-lucky.  It was the post in which I admitted the bad that had been happening in my life, how I was all out of sorts, and that even though the blog is mostly upbeat and happy-go-lucky me, it isn’t always so.  It was also the first time I really admitted to myself what was going on and how I was dealing with it (spending time with friends and cooking).  It was a big step for me, something I needed to do in my road to Starting Over.

It also reminded me of all the love and support the blogging community has for one another.  It was great to remember even though I feel alone, I’m really not – there are amazing bloggers out there who are here for me, whenever I need them.  And that meant the world to me – more than I can truly express.

It was so much fun seeing all that I had blogged about over the past 14 months – I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long!  And, to spread the 7 Links Love, I’m tagging Mellissa, Beth, Julia, Melissa and Rach.  Happy Blogging Ladies!

I’m off to finish up some work and then head out on a run/bodypump!  Its SO good to be back on a regular workout schedule with bodypump 2x/week.  I am LOVING it (and the results!)

Have a terrific Thursday! 


4 thoughts on “Goodbye July & 7 Links

  1. Thanks for taggin’ me, girl! You are so sweet to think of me. 😀

    I know what you mean, it’s crazy that July is nearly over! Summer always goes by far too quickly.

    I love your links – looking back at the past posts! What a fun way to recap the best of the best 🙂

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