Keep It Classy, Chicago

Hello from the air!  I’m homeward bound to California – and I’m so excited to get back!  Its been a great three weeks of work-cation!  I can’t believe its already over, yet I’m so ready to get back to Cali, and my own bed.  Its been far too long.

As such, my last week in Chicago, in photos:

014       086


019       020


087       089


I’m gonna miss you.  Keep it classy, Chicago.

How was your weekend?!   Did you see HP7P2?!  I saw it in 3D at the IMAX – it was everything I hoped for.  I thought they did an excellent adaptation.  My only qualm is the epilogue.  Really?  Really?!  It could’ve been dropped, or done much better.  I won’t spoil it for you, but if you’ve read the book, you know the part I’m talking about – they totally dropped the ball there on wardrobe/makeup.  It felt like a total afterthought, something just literally thrown together.  But, disregarding that: happy, happy camper.  Amazing movie + finish to a great series.


One thought on “Keep It Classy, Chicago

  1. Cute pictures! And I feel the EXACT SAME about HP7! I thought it was totally amazing and they did a great job. It was so emotional and then so wonderfully done. But the very end was almost a joke! It kinda ruined it! Ginny looked realistic but the rest not at all. It was pretty lame. But not lame enough to ruin it 🙂

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