Folk & Roots Festival

If you’ve ever been to Chicago in the summer, you know that there is almost always a festival going on.  It was exactly that case last weekend, and one of the many festivals happening was the Folk & Roots Festival in Lincoln Square.  A festival put on annually by the Old Town School of Music to raise money for their programs (they offer inner-city school kids music courses, as the arts have been more or less cut out of many of the inner-city schools) and get word out about their programs.

We headed over to a bbq at Liz and Chris’ friends place early in the afternoon, where food was flowing.  I helped Liz make jalapeno poppers – real ones and vegan ones!  There were hot, but delicious!

001       003


After the bbq we headed to the festival.  As a musician, I was a little too excited for the instrument petting zoo.  I was really excited for this, as I had no idea what it was, but happen to still not as there were no instruments there when we arrived.  So my best guess is as good as yours (weird instruments on display)


(It seemed like more of a baby petting zoo to me….)

Then we headed into the crowd to find a spot to sit for a cajun folk group from NOLA, and then Rosie Flores, with special guest John Langford (who, btw, if you didn’t know – is British!)

011       012



(the random two guys in front of us, one of who ended up unknowingly – at least for me…I was trying to take photos of the stage) posing for a super awkward photo…which makes sense as they were also dancing super awkwardly.  I wish I had video to share.  It was fantastic.)


And Koko is in town from NOLA, so she joined us as well!

021   022   024


Rosie Flores and John Langford!  They were awesome performers!  It was an amazing festival!  And because no night is complete without fishies…


Yes, we’re classy ladies.

After an awesome day at Folk & Roots Festival (which I recommend to anyone and everyone!  Its kid friendly and cheap – suggested donation of $5!), we headed over to the Bad Apple for (more) food.

I had the Earthly Fare (or something like that) it was a grilled portabella sandwich with goat cheese, dressing, and fries.  I had it sans bun, and with a cider (yay GF eating!)


The rest of the table ordered burgers and beer.  And everyone said these were either the best burgers or the second best only to Kuma’s.  So, if you’re coming to Chicago, and want a good burger + fries – I recommend the Bad Apple or Kuma’s  Corner (but at Kuma’s…go during the middle of the day, or you’ll wait 2+ hours).

Also, for you HP fans out there (I am so excited for the final movie – going Saturday morning to see it in 3-D at the IMAX!), they had butter beer – beer with a shot of butterscotch liqueur.  Even though I’m not eating gluten, I had just a teeeeeeensy taste of it – it was delicious, and how I would imagine butter beer to taste.  Yay Harry Potter

Are you seeing the HP7P2 movie this week?  Opening night?  3D?  Dressing up?  I won’t be dressing up, or going to the midnight showing cuz I’m an old lady and would sleep through it, but I am just exploding with happiness to be going on Saturday – can’t wait!  Don’t spoil it for me though if you see it before then Winking smile


8 thoughts on “Folk & Roots Festival

  1. Ah, folk festivals… Some of my favorite summer memories from growing up come from the Philly folk fest. Best weekend of the year.

    Brent and I contemplated getting tickets for HP at midnight but we have to get up at 5 AM to get to the airport… hopefully we’ll catch it this weekend in Florida!

  2. I’m waiting until next week to see Harry Potter… I’m only going to take my little sister and my boyfriend who is into it, too. While I never got into it, I have seen most of the movies.

    Those poppers look/sound too spicy for me!

  3. What fun girl! I have to wait until Ty gets back to see Harry Potter…and until we’ve rewatched all the movies, so it’ll probably be a week or two. No spoilers!

    • of course no spoilers — that’ like be a blogger mishap — but it was incredible! you DEFINITELY need to see it in theaters. And in 3D is incredible.

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