Eating Through Chicago

Since I arrived in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, it seems like most of what I’ve been doing is eating.  But, since I’m in Chicago, this is a good thing: the food here is some of the best in the world.

Tuesday night we went out for dinner to Semiramis, a lebanese restaurant in Ravenswood.  The restaurant is BYOB, so we stopped across the street for some red wine, we had a Bordeaux and a Tempranillo.  Then, for appetizers while we waited for the rest of our friends, we had falafel


And ful (a fava bean dish – sooooo good)


And for my entrée, I had the lentils & rice with carmelized onions & side salad

IMG_0563       IMG_0562

The food was seriously delicious, and epic-ly large portions.  As such, I had lentils & rice for lunch yesterday, and ended up (sadly) throwing some out, because there was just too much and it was about to go bad.

My favorite part about Semiramis?  The ful.  It was incredible.  I was seriously putting in on everything.  The olives that come with the meal, on top of my side salad, the lentils.  Zomg.  I need to get some fava beans stat.

The restaurant was cute, small, and I would’ve never known about it if it hadn’t been for my friends, but I’m really glad we went – I love middle eastern food, I love BYOB places and I love when there are gluten free, vegan options that don’t have to be altered.  Makes my life, and the kitchen’s, much easier.

While Semiramis was the only meal we had out, I have still been eating like a queen thanks in large part to my good friend Liz.  Liz and Chris (Liz’s husband) has been kind enough to host me for the two weeks I’m in Chicago, and not only have they hosted me, but they’ve been filling my belly with really good food.  Liz is a master in the kitchen.


Black quinoa with vegetables and bean sauce.


Spicy black eyed pea mess with collard greens, cornbread crumbles and spicy sauce

IMG_0586       IMG_0588


The black eyed pea burger mess was suppsed to be burgers, but they kind of crumbled as we cooked them in the cast iron pan, so we just made a mess out of it.  It was still just as good.  Unfortunately the cornbread was a  little on the dry side (dry cornbread = no bueno), but we made it work by loadin’ up on the sauce.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner as well – but this time I’ll be doing the cooking to give Liz a break.  Oh, and if you’re wondering – there have been cocktails/cider/beer/wine consumed with pretty much every meal.  Its good to be back with friends.

To counteract that last part (and oh, you know to train for my THREE INSANE RACES IN 8 WEEKS THAT START IN 5 WEEKS) I’ve also been getting in some solid running.  Tuesday I went for a 4 mile run up the river, and discovered a track on which I can do some speed training, and today I did a 6 mile run up the river.

Its been good to be back in the Chi – tonight we’re hitting up our old stomping grounds to cause some trouble, because what else would we do in the Chi?!  And tomorrow afternoon we’re off to the Folk & Roots festival!  Should be a blast!

What are your weekend plans?


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