Happy Belated 4th, America

As I write to you from Chicago (where I’ll be for the next week and 1/2), I’ve become a bit backlogged in my photos/blog entries.  I took way too many photos in Minnesota, and did way too many abnormally exciting things that I just couldn’t keep up.  And, even though I did celebrate America’s birthday properly, I had so many photos I wanted to get to (and had way too much fun watching myself wipeout), that I lost track of time. 

As such, my fourth in food and fireworks looked like this:

001   009   073


083   087   090


It was a little windy in the city, so the fireworks were movin’ pretty quick.

All in all it was a solid day.  Delightful food, wonderful company, fun (legal) personal fireworks, and big beautiful real fireworks.

And, in case you were on vacay or internet break for the 4th of July weekend like I kind of was, here’s a recap of my time in Minnesota for the 4th:

The Amazing and The Ugly
Pass the Glass, Please
Take Me Out
Learning How to Trick Ski (the one with the video…)

I had a great time in Minnesota, meeting bloggers (hi Alexa and Jen), reuniting with my FoodBuzz roomie (Mellissa), hanging out with my family and high school friends, just relaxing and having a good time, and making really delicious and fluffy not-quite-from-scratch) gluten free pancakes (recipe to come!).

How did you spend the 4th of July looong weekend?  (In my case my “weekend” was a full week…)


5 thoughts on “Happy Belated 4th, America

    • i have a light sensor on my new camera that helps detect the best ‘aperture’ and shutter time on my camera automatically. additionally, i have a fireworks setting, so its smart enough to know its pitch black out, and then takes the picture accordingly. my camera’s intelligence > my intelligence (sometimes).

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