Take Me Out

Friday night I was taken out on a Pedal Pub tour of Nord’est Minneapolis.


Unfortunately I was slightly afraid of dropping my camera or having someone spill something on it, so I have no additional photos – but how ridiculous is this?!  It was a fun and ridiculous way to see the Nord’est neighborhood, but I had a blast with my friends.  I highly recommend it, though it is a little expensive – $200/2 hours, but you can have up to 16 people, and bring your own booze for the ride!

Oh, and the pedaling?  It was hard.  Yes, 10 people pedal but OMG.  Getting that thing to go up “hills” caused all of us to break out in sweat!

Then, yesterday I got in a 3.5 mile run in (the first one since the Peritonsillar abscess and starting on the super power antibiotics), and it was hot out.  Holy hot.

003   004   002

And last night for the first time since it was opened at the beginning of 2010, I was able to visit Target Field to see the Twins play.  I was blown away by the stadium.  Absolutely beautiful.


My neighbor graciously gave me his 7th row, first baseline tickets, so my sister and I were up close and personal with the players and it was unreal – outside baseball RULES.

We got there early so I could roam around the park and take photos.

012   009   013

And we found kettlecorn (one of the only gluten free, dairy free – and meat free – options at the park – score!).


I also brought in ballpark ‘contraband.’  I snuck in freeze dried mango, carrots and almonds (no photo) and supplemented our stellar dinner with the previously mentioned kettlecorn.  Don’t call the cops!

022     020

After noshin’ on dinner, it was time to play ball!


021   041   049043   045   056

Sooooo much fun, and we were sooooooooo close.  Love!  (And you might note here my slight obsession with catchers.  #41 Butera and #7 [the infamous Joe] Mauer.  They have real nice butts and they look good in catcher’s uniforms.  What can I say, catchers are my weakness).

I sadly had to leave at the end of the 8th to head to the cabin of one of my high school friends, but my sister and I still had a blast.  Though, since the Twins lost in the 9th inning (they were up 7-3 when I left, and lost 8-7), my sister and neighbor have been blaming the loss at me.  Guess I am a good luck charm Winking smile


The game was still awesome though, and I seriously love the park.  And now I’ll stop talking about baseball before this turns into a blog about baseball.  Which I know you are all soooo interested in.

Then later last night, I hung out with my high school friends, and though all we did at my friends’ is chat, we did happen upon a box of shades that were then distributed to all cabin-attendees.


[Red Bridge GF Beer in hand – verdict?  Delicious!  I can still have ‘beer’!!!!]

You know you want a pair.

How have you been enjoying the long weekend?


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