Pass the Glass, Please

So the past few days have been a whirlwind of dealing with sickness (which I’m on the mend – thank you ridiculous antibiotics) and lovin’ on my homestate.

I’ve had some great pescatarian, gluten-free & cow dairy-free meals, thanks in large part to my momma.

I’ve had a salmon salad with goat cheese.

IMG_0243   IMG_0245   IMG_0244

And fish tacos with a side salad w/ goat cheese feta.

IMG_0296       IMG_0299

And I spent quality time on the lake with mi hermano.


And, though this isn’t Minnesotan, but very artsy and much like my family, I took a glass pendant making class with my momma.

It was at Glass Endeavors, a stained glass repair and commission piece store that also runs classes on the side, to supplement the income and educate the average person about glass making.


My mom bought her and I two ‘coupons’ through Crowd Cut, which is very much like Groupon, but I think is better for the Minneapolis area.  I’m not sure, I haven’t done a lot of research, but they seem to offer more deals in the area.

IMG_0275   IMG_0290   IMG_0291

For our class, we paid $18 each (normally $36 – yay 50% off) and got to make one pendant each.  Well, my mom convinced me that we should make 4 additional, for just $11 a piece more.  So, I dug deep inside my economic brain, and found my creative side.

IMG_0255  IMG_0250   IMG_0251

IMG_0252   IMG_0256  IMG_0254 

IMG_0258   IMG_0259   IMG_0261

The middle row pendants are 2 of the 3 my momma made, and the lower two are the ones I made – we’ll see how they turn out in a few weeks!  (My momma is going to ship me mine – so I won’t know til I get back to Cali!)

We had a great experience, and loved having the chance to be creative.  My mom wouldn’t have changed anything – but then again, she is a quilter and has much more of a ‘creative’ side than I do.  I would’ve loved ‘templates’ that I could follow – for ideas on how to make sure your pendant looks good, and perfect.  Yes, I’m that person – TYPE A!


Momma and me – thanks for a great afternoon!  And yes, being that I wasn’t wearing glasses, I got to done the protective glasses.

Which, I of course had to model.

IMG_0280   IMG_0282   IMG_0285

Clearly, I should not be left alone.  Insanity will ensue.

I’m off to a Peddle Pub adventure – here’s hoping I come back alive to tell you all about it!

Have any big plans for the fourth of July looooong weekend?!  My plans involve the lake, skiing, the lake, skiing, swimming, the lake, oh and the lake.


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