The Amazing and The Ugly

I arrived here late Monday night, and finally got to sleep around 2am Cali time or 4am Minnesota time.  Well, my “sleep” didn’t really happen as I had one sore tonsil (more on this later), and then at 7am sharp the roofers started pounding away outside my window.  So I got ❤ hours of sleep.

But, then I decided to make the most of the day, by going on a walk around the neighborhood with my neighbor in a northern suburb of Minneapolis (the best part about where I my parents live: it only takes 10 minutes or less to get downtown!).


See why I love it here?

And then heading to my favorite place in the world – a 1.7 mile walk from my house to the entrance, which is a 17.9 mile decrease in the distance to the nearest one to me in California.

IMG_0215       IMG_0216

I walked out with travel face wash, lotion, cough drops (sore tonsil/throat), a dress and some jewelry.  I’m happy to report I returned the jewelry – I convinced myself I didn’t need it (and therefore saved $29.99!). But the dress, well, I’m wearing that tomorrow for Happy Hour (granted I feel better) – and it was tax free (yay Minnesota), so I feel better about it Winking smile

Then, a different neighbor and I kayaked around the lake.

IMG_0219   IMG_0223   IMG_0220IMG_0222

It was pure bliss.

And then my family and I went downtown for dinner and a musical.  We had dinner at Birchwood, a small restaurant that serves food from local sustainable farms.  And have tons of GF, vegan options.


I had the BBQ tofu sandwich, without the bun (obvs) and chips and salsa.

IMG_0227       IMG_0228

My dad and sister both had the Caesar salad.


And my momma had the black bean quinoa burger.


We were all quite happy with our meals – and it felt great to be supporting local farms!

And then we were off to see H.M.S Pinafore at the “new” Gutherie theater.  The “new” theater is about 5 years old, but to me it was new – and it has great views of St. Paul.


My mom proclaimed she had never seen the water rushing down the river as hard as it was (see the middle photo) – the water was out of control!

IMG_0238       IMG_0240

Great night, though my throat was a little sore through it all.  But then, last night happened.

I didn’t sleep – all night long.  My throat hurt so bad, so I started poking at my tonsil, and icky stuff started coming out of it.  So I self-diagnosed myself at WebMD (at 3am) with Peritonsillar Abcsess.  And, today when I went to the doc, I found out I was correct.  So now I’m on a ridiculous amount of antibiotics (4x a day for 10 days), and therefore a ton of probiotics (bring on the pills & soy yogurt!), my left tonsil still KILLS, and if I start not being able to talk, my neck starts to blow up, or the pain worsens I have to go into the ER for emergency tonsillectomy.  Awesome.

What a way to start my trip.  Beautiful, fun day, followed by serious health issues.  Its how I roll.

When/If you have a day off to do anything you want, what do/would you do?!

4 thoughts on “The Amazing and The Ugly

  1. I just returned home to my parent’s place after finishing my master’s and I’m soaking up as much beach & reading time as I possibly can! It’s funny how I appreciate the paradise I grew up in after living in Washington state for two years.

    Enjoy your vacation! I’m sure you earned it. 🙂

  2. Hey! I found your blog through HLB! I understand your mission for balance, having been there!

    I did the same thing at Target yesterday by returning a bag that I had bought but realized I don’t NEED.

    And if I had a day off, I’d just want to do a staycation in my boyfriend’s neighborhood, go out to eat without the massive crowds, and bike/enjoy. We never get to do those sorts of casual things because we live apart, and not close.

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