Last Few Days in SC

The last few days in Santa Cruz have been, what I believe, very much like what Santa Cruz is to most people who are not in PhD programs: really fun, carefree, beautiful and relaxing.

I’ve been to the beach:


Made delicious random dinners from food left in my fridge:

DIY Vegan (and GF) Tostadas with 365 Organic Refried Pinto Beans with Roasted Chile & Lime – Delish.

IMG_0175 IMG_0172 IMG_0177

Vegan (burnt) Grilled Cheese on brown rice bread with tomato soup with a side salad.

IMG_0181   IMG_0182   IMG_0185

And I also got to eat lunch with a blogger/Twitter friend and his family at Los Pinos!

I had the Super Veggie Burrito without the Flour Tortilla with corn tortillas on the side (a way to make a dish GF!)

IMG_0197 - Copy   IMG_0198 - Copy   IMG_0199 - Copy

(I was playing with my new camera – look at the different a setting can make!)

It was great to actually meet you, Marlon!  Hope you and your family enjoy the day in Santa Cruz and have a great rest of your vacation!

IMG_0200 - Copy

Happy Monday!  How as your weekend?!

And now, I’m off on my adventure – a whirlwind tour of the Midwest!


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