Schools Out for the Summa!

Its so weird to keep waking up and have nothing to do.  Well okay there are like 10894710 things that need to be done, but none of them need to be done now.  And I’m taking a ‘vacation.’  Its been glorious.  And I’ve been playing “Schools Out” on repeat in my head since Thursday at noon.

School’s Out –Alice Cooper

So what was the this week like for me?  The most stressful week of my life.  Little sleep, lots of studying, panic attacks, no naps, little food – faaaaar too much exercise for the amount of sleep I was getting – but I had to go to the gym to burn off that stress and anxiety so I could keep studying (while working out) and afterwards.  It was ridic.

The exams were forever and a day long.  3 hours for an exam that decides whether or not you can advance in candidacy is extremely stressful.  And there were two of them – less than 48 hours apart.  So, when they finished we did what all normal people would do.  We celebrated.  By drinking wine, trekking across campus, and playing ultimate frisbee and soccer.

011   013   010

027   018   023

Pretty rough views, I know – the fields on campus have amazing views – from the right spot/angle you have an incredible view of the ocean.

And then we got food at Betty Burger.  And I played with my new camera (since my old one got stolen in the car robbery).

034   035   048

I had the salmon burger lettuce wrap (yay for GF pescatarian!) and some of the fries we ordered for the table.  Oh, and obvs more wine.



And our friend Chiara, who is headed back to Italy came out to celebrate and start saying her goodbyes.  We will miss you, Chiara!  We had an awesome year with you!


And you can’t forget dessert.  Original artisan chocolate sorbet from The Penny Ice Creamery.  To die for – if you come into Santa Cruz ever, you must go here.


We concluded festivities with a night of 80s dance music at a local bar.  Delight.

Thanks for all the love and support from all of you!  It really meant the world to know I had people rooting for me, and who believed I could kick the exams’ butts.  It helped keep me motivated more than I can say.  Now its up to the professors grading to determine if I pass or not – here’s hoping!

What are your summer plans?  I take off Monday for three weeks of adventures that including meeting some fabulous bloggers and Twiends!  I also start work on Tuesday, but really, who is thinking about that?  Cuz, School’s Out for the Summer…


One thought on “Schools Out for the Summa!

  1. Yes! Summer vacation is here! Oh, I love the photos of campus! My family and I will be walking around UCSC on Monday morning! I look forward to meeting you for lunch! It’s been ages since I’ve had a burrito from Jalapeños… would you be interested in dining there? My family and I are open to suggestions.

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