With Love, From Chicago

Today, I started off with some KeVita:


Delicious.  And a great way to get probiotics for those dairy-free folk out there!  Its delicious, and each bottle is 2 servings – I had one half today, and the other yesterday.  And its only 15 calories!  Another way I love to get probiotics is GoodBelly (read about my experiences with GoodBelly here ).  Another good way to get probiotics is with Attune

I also got this in the mail.  After a bad start to the day – found out I did not pass one of my three classes last quarter (fail Sad smile) — I got good news about my two other courses, and got a care package from my girlfriend Lara in Chicago!


She sent me a little of Chicago…



023       025

Chicago-style spices!  Places I miss – Hyde Park and all the delicious restaurants in the area – the amazing diversity, and of course, University of Chicago!  And Argyle street – so many delicious Asian, specifically Vietnamese restaurants.  Mmmmmmmm….And both are supposedly good for fish!  Double win (I bet it will season tofu really nicely as well!)


The adorable card she sent me!  It truly brightened my day!  And I’m sooo excited to use the spices in some cooking soon!  Thanks Lara, you truly made my day!

In other news…there has been a lot of this lately:

003       004

Yes, I know.  Finals are over, but prelims start Tuesday!!!  Yikesssssssss!

Oh, and a little bit of this…


I promise I was studying the entire time I was in the sun.  Legit.  I was out on my new patio (yes I have moved – but the place is no where near being photo ready) which was just too tempting to pass up – so I combined the best of both worlds, and studied while I soaked up my vitamin D while wearing sunscreen, of course!  Gotta protect that Scandinavian skin!

Got any big weekend plans?!  I am going to live vicariously through you all this weekend, so tell me what you’ll be up to – cleaning house, going on an adventure?!  I want to know!  I have a date with all my notes/textbooks through Thursday at noon when prelims are over, so I need some things to daydream about Winking smile


One thought on “With Love, From Chicago

  1. Good luck with the final push to prelims!

    This weekend we’ve tentatively got a day of paddling planned, but the logistics aren’t seeming to work themselves out, so who knows what’ll emerge.

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