16 Well Earned Miles

This afternoon, I took off on an adventure.  My first post-finals adventure.  I decided to take a break from studying (prelims start in 11 days), and take a day for myself.  So what did I do?  I took off on a 16-18 mile bike ride.  Right down the Pacific Coast.  And now I remember why I decided it was totally okay to move to California.  I mean, seriously.


Such beautiful scenery.


I mean, seriously.  I live here?!


Taking a break, to nosh on my Lara bar!


Yes.  I wear aviators while I ride.


The new Ortlieb panniers I got as a joint self-purchase and ‘you finished your first year of your PhD’ gift from my parents.  Thanks mom & pops!  See, I’m using them Winking smile

I also, tried the new G Fit series by Gatorade.  I was skeptical, but I really enjoyed it.  I liked that the flavor wasn’t overpowering, that there are no dyes in the drink, and that its sweetened with stevia (not aspartame/sucralose).  What I didn’t like?  There is still some sort of funky after taste to it.  It isn’t bad enough where I won’t keep drinking it – I definitely prefer this over G2 or regular Gatorade, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

I’m sooo excited for all the adventures this summer is going to hold: bike rides down the coast, swimming in the ocean, surfing?! (I have big plans for this), running on cliff edges, hiking and backpacking and, of course, beach time!  Even though its not here yet (and I will be working full time), I am really looking forward to what this summer will bring!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?!


6 thoughts on “16 Well Earned Miles

  1. om nom nom LaraBars are delicious, and I say this not solely because they carry my name.

    What sort of aftertaste did you detect? I’m wondering if it was because of the stevia, which always has a sort of strange aftertaste to me, and I’ve also heard that it can cause temporary side effects like headaches until your body adjusts to it. I’ve tried making sweet tea with it before and it just tastes tinny.

    • It might have been the bran d of stevia they used, as different companies process it differently. I prefer Truvia to any other brand. Its more sugar like than any of the other kind.
      But it might have been the type of flavorings or other ‘non-normal’ things that go into it that stevia doesn’t ‘mask’ as much as sugar. Still not sure, but its definitely an improvement from using aspartame!

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