Home Brew Tasting!

In honor of Memorial Day, I took off a few hours to celebrate.  These were a few much needed hours as its finally the last week of classes, then  next week is finals and then the ever daunting prelims are at the end of June.  June is going to be a ridiculous month!

Monday’s activities included cooking (yes, I actually cooked again.  Finally.) a version of my Summer Chicken Sausage Pasta.  Which was unintentionally a different version of it – I kept forgetting chicken sausage at the grocery store, and somehow I convinced myself eggplant = summer squash, and decided to add copious amounts of garlic (which is never a bad thing).  Oh well Smile   Other than that it’s the same. Its was still delicious.


I then brought it over to our “Home Brew Tasting BBQ.”  Two of my friends from my cohort have a home brew they call ‘BIU” or “Beer in Utility.”  Its an economist thing.  Don’t worry.


And another friend, whose better half (sorry Z Winking smile) is in our program, brought his home brew “Z’s Brew.”


The brewers (and all their beer!):


In total, we had a ridiculous amount of 22 ounce bottles to try.  With everything ranging from a Pomegranate Wheat to Black Dog IPA (named after a pretty black lab) to Porter to Winter Cherry.  There was beer a plenty.  No one had an empty tasting cup – ever.




My favorites were the Dead Ringer IPA –it was a ‘dead ringer’ for my all-time favorite beer Bell’s Two Hearted.  Which, btw, if anyone knows how to get it in California or is traveling here from the Midwest – I would love some Winking smile

I also enjoyed P-squared, Black Dog IPA, Pomegranate Wheat, Fummer Sun IPA, and many, many more.  I only had samples of each, like 1-2 ounces.  But, it adds up quick!

We also had quite the spread of food.


And malt/hops to try!


The chocolate malt kind of tasted like coffee saw dust.  Kinda nast – but makes delicious beer!

Where there is meat…dogs will follow.


(The inspiration for Black Dog IPA!)

And children!


Who we are starting on beer early Winking smile


(Did you see the lil guy reachin’ for the beer? – I was definitely encouraging it Winking smile)

And more beer and shennanigans happened.


(And apparently I talk with my hands.  Maybe I’m secretly Italian?)

And then…then the minikeg was busted out.


All in all, it was a great Memorial day, with great homebrew.  Cheers to BIU and Z Brew!  And thanks for sharing the delicious beer!

And now, back to the real world Smile Which for me means THE END OF THE QUARTER!  Only 3 1/2 weeks stand between me and ‘summer’ aka time to make some mula!  My travels (starting at the end of June) will include Minneapolis, Chicago and perhaps NYC.  Let me know if you’re in the area – I’d love to have get togethers!

If you’re interested, e-mail me at phdstrides (at) gmail (dot) com

Just over 3 hours left to enter the Blogiversary Giveaway, so make sure you enter!

What did you do for Memorial Day?  Have any big plans for the weekend?!  Yes, I’m already looking forward to the weekend….even though it will be 100% study central around here – finals time!!!  8 days, and I’m done!


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