On Sunday, I participated in my fourth race of Raceolution 2011.  It wasn’t exactly a success for me, personally, but the race as a whole was an awesome success!  What race was it?  The She.Is.Beautiful 10k (there is also a 5k), also known as Santa Cruz’s Pinkest Race.


Everyone was decked out in pink, and so were all the decorations.  There were these awesome signs all along the course:




^ Sooo true!

There were also some amazing views:

IMAG0483     IMAG0487 

What wasn’t so amazing?  The return of the knee in my pain that got bad at Bay to Breakers the week before.  As such, I finished in approx 1:06.  Which, I know isn’t awful for a 10k.  But I really struggled with this, given the fact that for the first three miles I was in the top 8 women, before the pain hit in my repaired knee.  And when the pain hit, I ended up walking a lot of the remainder of the race.

There were lots of tears shed – my biggest competition in myself, and I was frustrated to have to walk a race.  The hardest part was, unfortunately, that only two people of the probable 100-150 people who passed me once I started limping (yes I had to limp-walk-jog most of the second half) didn’t even acknowledge or ask if I was okay.  Most people ignored, a few people asked me to get out of the way.  I was really disappointed in the comraderie of the race.  I guess I miss the “Minnesota Nice” that I grew up with – Californians just don’t have it.

Eventually, I got over the fact I couldn’t actually ‘race,’ and finished – with a smile.  Afterall, I got a free dark chocolate bar from Whole Foods.


Who couldn’t be happy with this view practically at your doorstep?!

Post-race lunch?  Amy’s Gluten-Free, Dairy Free PIZZA!


It was, surprisingly, pretty darn good.

So, I enjoyed the race, the post race goodies were good (I love the tshirt, but its dirty, so I’ll post a photo of it after/before another race), and I’m coming to terms with the fact that even though I didn’t do my best, I still finished the race.  And that’s what counts.

Knee Update?  I went to the doc yesterday, have a few weeks of rehab, and then I’m seeing an orthoped.  It might just be runner’s knee, but there is a lot of clicking, so there might be some cartilage damage that requires surgery – but I’ll know in a few weeks after I see the orthoped.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best – here’s to lots of crosstraining, and dealing with the stress of not being able to run.

What do you do when a race/run/project doesn’t go as planned?  How do you deal with the frustration?  I had to walk myself through a lot of mental conversations.  Accepting that walking was better for me in the long run – especially with the hefty fall race schedule I have planned.  I also had to remind myself that my overall health and wellbeing is more important that just one race – I have only a few moments of the race, and a lifetime with my body.  It was hard, since I am a fierce competitor with myself, but after about 20 minutes of mentally struggling, I was able to overcome, and adjust to ‘just finishing.’


7 thoughts on “She.Is.Beautiful

  1. I miss Santa Cruz SO much!!!

    Sorry about your knee! When I struggle in races, I generally end up in tears at some point, but refusing to quit!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that the knee was troubling you during this race! I hope you have a swift recovery! It can be frustrating to have to walk because of an injury, but you definitely have the right attitude. We have a lifetime in our bodies and races are short. It’s best to think about the longterm picture.

  3. Ugh, how frustrating that the other racers didn’t check in to see how you were doing. That’s one of the things that can make or break a race – the spirit of the runners. I’m sorry that you didn’t get any support out there.

  4. Oh girl, I’m so sorry the race didn’t go as planned, but I am SO proud of you for finishing strong! Sad that not many people even checked on you – seems like a race all about reminding women how beautiful, strong and powerful they are would have more people sympathetic to an injured woman in front of them. Anyway, like I said, proud of you for finishing the race – you’re an inspiration!

    • Yes. That was my biggest problem — is it was all about women, being strong, and then it was like ‘each for their own.’ But regardless, I enjoyed the idea of the race — and will be participating next year (hopefully with some girlfriends!)!

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