GoodBelly 12 Day Challenge

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful comments on my PR for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon.  I am very happy and proud of my accomplishment, and have really enjoyed hearing about your accomplishments this year – athletic or otherwise!

Also, I laughed sooo hard reading all the comments about MATH EXPLOSION.  You all made my day much, much brighter Smile To further the entertainment in that department…the latest homework update


(Don’t worry, I’m only pretending to know what all that means Winking smile)

While things are hectic around here, they’ve finally ‘settled’ down a bit.  Not really school wise, but in terms of finals, big races.  I have a few weeks ‘off ‘where I am just getting into the grind before midterms at the end of the month, and figured this was as good of a time as any to start the GoodBelly Challenge.  I have been planning on doing this challenge for a while, but the timing just hadn’t been right.


What is the challenge?  The GoodBelly 12 Day challenge is a challenge to consume at least one serving of GoodBelly products every day for 12 days.   They provide you with buy-one-get-one and $1 off coupons, if you sign up for the challenge.  Now, why would this be a good idea or a good challenge?

GoodBelly is a non-yogurt source of probiotics.  It comes as a juice, and it seems like a great way to get probiotics into your diet.  I am always striving to get probiotics into my diet, but being dairy free it can be hard to get it outside of soy yogurt – and as a girl with ridiculous stomach issues (gas, bloating, cramping, discomfort, pain, being married to the toilet, etc.…), probiotics can be a lifesaver and can help lessen these symptoms.

So, when I heard about GoodBelly, I signed up for their 12-Day Challenge.  I knew I needed to try it.  One of the biggest draws for me was this:


Great for my digestive & immune system when taken daily?!  Yes, please!!  Give me some probiotics!

The part that sealed the deal?


Dairy-free, soy-free, vegan?!  Ummmm…Sold.

After signing up for the challenge, I got in contact with one of the reps at GoodBelly, and have gotten a partnership with them to try out their products.  Because I need to disclose this to not get hounded by the FTC: GoodBelly has provided me with VIP free coupons to try out their products for the duration of the 12 Day challenge.  I will be giving my honest opinion on all the products, and have not been paid/solicited to give a ‘positive’ review – so if I don’t like it, you’ll know.  (I’m also working with them to put together a give-away for all you fabulous readers – so stay tuned!)

These are the products I’m going to be trying during the 12 Day challenge:


I’m super excited about the mango one – I love me some mango!  And the blueberry acai.  Mmmmm blueberries.  So, here’s to Day 1 of the challenge!

I’ll keep you updated as to my reviews/status during the challenge, and how my rumbly tumbly feels as the days progress.  My goal is to control the covariates* (eat how I normally would), to try to parse out the causal effect* GoodBelly has on my body’s daily functions.

(*Yes, I’m trying to run a causal inferential experiment and then run a first differences model, like any good econometrician would – if only my profs read the blog… Winking smile)

Do you worry about getting probiotics in your diet?

Does you have stomach issues?  Do you know what causes it?  How do you cope?


4 thoughts on “GoodBelly 12 Day Challenge

  1. I love Good Belly- thanks for letting me know about the coupons! I take a probiotic supplement with every meal, but I’ve been pretty lax about actually doing it. I think I’ll try the 12-day challenge and see how I feel after it! Maybe it’ll help me to remember to take my probiotics again 🙂

    Ally @ Tinywalletstyle

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