I am about halfway done with my race recap, but this has exploded in my face:


At least I look professional?!

I’ve been working on this since like 3pm, and I’m only through half of questions 2 and 3…and there are 12 questions.  Yikes.

Its due Thursday at 8am.  I am going to be living, breathing, sleeping and drinking time series.  And I am hopeful to finish up the race recap when I take an actual break tonight…

What is the most challenging thing you have accomplished thus far in 2011?  I think it would have to be learning how to balance a full class load, exercise, and a teaching assistantship (which includes grading, teaching sections, etc).  Its like having a full time job with two part time jobs.  Its insanity.  And can be very, very stressful.


6 thoughts on “MATH EXPLOSION

  1. I was an engineering student for my first couple years in College so I’m happy and proud of myself to at least recognize and know what most of those symbols still mean. I think that may be my best accomplishment so far this year! 😉 That looks so intimidating.

  2. Hmm… That does not look like fun (says the historian 🙂 ) Biggest accomplishment for the year… Yikes! Professionally/academically there’ve been quite a few, as I’m still getting my feet wet in this whole tenure-track world, but athletically? Probably mountain biking our local trail loop, after three years of being too intimidated to try it! I wrote about it the other day 🙂

  3. OMG Elise. I just laughed out loud when I looked at this post in my Google Reader. I haven’t had a math class since junior year of high school. Just last week my boss asked me to figure out the percentage of something and I had to find an online percentage calculator…. I promise I have lots of other useful skills though!

    The hardest thing I’ve done this year is try to stay healthy when traveling for work and even when I’m in the office. We got so busy here last week during the almost shutdown that all I ate one day was a package of saltines and flat Coke. Conversely, when we’re traveling I sometimes have to eat Chick-fil-a or McDonald’s because it is literally the only food I will eat that day. It’s a work in progress but I am trying! (Trail mix helps.)

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