3W2HM: Done!

This morning I ran, quite quickly, the Santa Cruz Half Marathon.  After adopting a 3W2HM training scheme based on Sarah’s previous 5W2M training plan, it all came to a close this morning.


(GO TWINS!)  (I still get excited about medals, this is number 2!)

While the whole recap will come tomorrow, I wanted to let you all know that I finished in an unofficial time of 1:53:31 according to my Garmin.  If this ends up being true, it will be a 15 minute PR.  I’m ecstatic.  Although…this makes it more difficult for me to PR in the future…shoot, I should’ve thought that one through Winking smile

But regardless, I’m alive, awaiting the final results for the full recap. For now, I’m off to study/grade because I have 150 tests to grade by tomorrow at 9am an exam at 11am.  Yikes.

Thanks for all the love and support –  I appreciated it!


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