Date Night w/ Mr. K

Friday’s dinner was a hodge podge, but it was delicious.


Lemon pepper tilapia, whole wheat pasta + Newman’s Own Marinara Sauce and roasted vegetables with Szechuan Sauce.

P1110759 P1110761

And a glass of wine.  One of my favorites.


A simple, reliable Zinfandel.  Really good, really affordable.  It was my drink of choice for my date with Mr. K.

I may be 2000 miles away from Mr. K (for those of you who don’t know, the bf lives in Chicago where I lived up until August 2010, when I took the big move to California to start my PhD), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have date nights.

How do I have date nights?  Well most of ours have been just video chat (vchat) dates.  If anyone works for Google and listens/gather data from gchat or vchat, I’m sorry for anything we did or did not say that may or may not have made your life better or worse off.  I won’t go in to the details: just accept my apology.

Friday’s date, however, was different: we had movie date night!  We watched Its Kind of a Funny Story.



It was a funny indie romantic comedy, and both Mr. K and I enjoyed it – and the time we got to spend together.

P1110766 P1110767


(Silly Mr. K.)  Thank you Google for being so fabulous and having wonderful vchat capabilities.

How do you watch a movie for date night with someone 2000 miles away?

1.  You both rent the movie
2.  You both go on vchat
3.  You both pour a glass of wine
4.  You synchronize the start of your movie
5.  You make faces at each other, watch each other, laugh together (via vchat), and listen to the reverb of the other person’s movie on vchat
6.  You talk about the movie, laugh after and then go to bed (him)/keep grading (her)
7.  You smile a lot to yourself after the fact, because you were able to share an experience, a fun, special experience with someone you love who is 2000 miles away.


Seriously, we had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to having another movie date night in the future Smile There are still a lot of movies on my list that I need to check off.  But, first things first: studying, grading and homework.  Oh, right, and a half marathon on Sunday.  No big whoop.

What is your favorite ‘date night’ or ‘girls night’ activity?  Do you have a LDR (long distance relationship)?  If so, how do you make it work? We schedule in time for one another – previous quarters we had lunch dates, but since I have class through Mr. K’s lunches, it doesn’t work this quarter, and we’re working on planning scheduled ‘date’ nights throughout the week.  And any time we talk other than that is ‘bonus’ time.  Time I love to sneak in Smile


3 thoughts on “Date Night w/ Mr. K

  1. A few years ago Brent and I were out of town separately on back-to-back-to-back trips, which meant it was a couple weeks that we didn’t see each other (I know, not that long compared to a long distance relationship, but still…) One of the nights, we decided to go on a virtual date, so we each went to see the same movie, separately but at the same time, and then recapped it afterward 🙂

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