Falafel & Prelims

The weekend ended up being mostly exercise free because…because on Friday when I started to run, the ligaments around my right knee (my ACL repair knee) were pulsing and sending shoots of pain up my leg with every step.  I decided to take a few days off, walk, stretch and try to strength train a lot.  Needless to say, that 11 miler I wanted to do?  Yeah, not so much.  My plan is to try three tomorrow.  If I can do that, the run is still on.  If not, I might do it the More/Fitness Caitlin style and walk the half marathon.

As such, yesterday I spent the majority of the day in the offices, studying for prelims.  Yes, they are just as scary as they sound.

Prelims are the end of the year test we have to take on our first year courses.  If we pass them, we can advance on towards candidacy (we still aren’t there yet…there are three papers and oral examinations between us & candidacy after taking prelims), but if we don’t we have to have it hanging over our heads all summer and take them again in the fall before second year begins.  Talk about pressure.

Anyways, so I spent a solid six hours in the office studying, with a short break for lunch.  Falafel salad from Joe’s (on campus!).


The falafel were really crunchy on the outside, and quite delicious.  However there were EIGHT falafel, and I knew that I could never eat the whole thing, so I saved half for lunch today Smile 


The falafel flavor was just as good the second day…but wasn’t quite as good cold.  (Since it had the sauce on it and was over a bed of lettuce, I decided I probably shouldn’t reheat them.)

One thing I truly love about Santa Cruz, and California as a whole, is almost anywhere I go I can find a dairy free/vegan option for me to eat – without having to alter much, if anything.  It makes me less stressed about eating out (I hate having to ask to alter meals, ask for different options, etc) because I know that 9/10 times there will be something of interest to me on the menu – or they understand completely and know that dairy free means no cheese (yes I had this happen in Chicago once at a Mexican restaurant). 

What did you do this weekend?  Mine was spent stretching and strengthening the knee, studying, organizing and eating delicious falafel.

2 thoughts on “Falafel & Prelims

  1. Darn, I was hoping this post would include a recipe for fantastic falafel – I’ve had a craving for some 🙂

    Good luck with the final push of prelim prep!

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