Will Run for Bacon

So I originally intended to run my long run on Sunday, after dropping Mr. K off at the airport (he gets here soooooooon…I’m not excited at all Winking smile), but then the weather was cooperating today (it hasn’t rained since I woke up and the sun is shining!) so I decided to give the long run a go today.

            IMAG0260              IMAG0261

It was a loooong 8 miles, but it was good one.  (Note the exhaustion and red face above.)

I started my run with 4 miles up the mountain.  They were 4 long miles, but I know that kind of training is good for me Smile  And then I finished with 2 miles downhill, and 2 mile s up and down to get back home.  Here are the splits of my first long run of 3W2HM:

Mile 1 – 9:14
Mile 2 – 10:20
Mile 3 – 11:13
Mile 4 – 10:49
Mile 5 – 8:25
Mile 6 – 8:13
Mile 7 – 8:58
Mile 8 – 9:05

Total – 1:16:21


I’ll take it.  Running up a mountain is hard (the elevation change was about 1000 feet for the first 4 miles).

Post run, all I wanted for lunch was BACON.  And I remembered a delicious recipe that I saw in Fitness last week, and knew I had to make it: Low Cal BLT Sandwich


Now I’m going to be clear, what attracted me to this sandwich was not the low cal tag.  It was the use of avocado and red wine vinegar in a BLT.  I considered using whole bacon strips, but in the end decided to use bacon bits per the recipe (the two subs I made was spinach for romaine lettuce…because I didn’t have any and prefer spinach 99% of the time, and a whole wheat sandwich thin instead of the hot dog bun for the same reason). 


I have to say, the use of just a tablespoon of bacon bits satisfied my bacon craving and added enough ‘bacon’ flavor to the BLT to satisfy me.  I LOVED the combination of flavors.

I paired my BLT with a spinach salad topped with tomato and grated Manchego cheese.  Delish.  (Thus continues my obsession with goat & sheep cheese).  I topped the salad off with a little bit balsamic vinegar and some of the Garlic Gold vinaigrette I was sent to try a few weeks ago (which I wasn’t a fan of it as a salad dressing – too oily, but have since found I like it better for dipping bread and roasting vegetables in).  I truly love the infused flavors of the Garlic Gold and am happy I’ve been able to find ways in which I can still use it.

P1110569   P1110570   P1110571

It was a delicious pairing. 


(Note the placemats Winking smile)

And now I’m off to clean the apartment, grocery shop, and head to the airport to pick up Mr. K! 

What are your weekend plans?  Mine are just hanging out with Mr. K since it has crazily been five weeks since I was last in Chicago for V-Day.


7 thoughts on “Will Run for Bacon

  1. Looks like a great run! I love Fitness Magazine for recipes. I have about twenty torn out and shoved in a drawer that I need to try. Now I’m motivated to get them out and make them!

  2. I almost bought a t-shirt for one of my teammates that said “will run for bacon” 🙂 He packs it with him and breaks it out in the middle of the night of every overnight race. I think it’s hysterical.

    Hope you guys had a great weekend together!

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