3W2HM: Half Marathon Training Plan

My two seconds of complaining: it has been raining almost nonstop for a month.  A MONTH.  I’m not even joking.  I think the sun has come out on like 2 days (not even whole days) during this time.  Possibly more, but this is seriously ridiculous.  It needs to stop.  Yesterday.  I can’t handle the rain – it gives me the blues Sad smile

Anyways, so after seeing the success of Sarah (she got a PR on her marathon time by FIFTEEN minutes) and her 5W2M training plan at the LA Marathon, I decided (on Monday) that with three weeks left until my half marathon, I needed to adapt a similar plan.  And thus, the Sarah-inspired 3W2HM training plan came to be.

1-29-2011 12-58-03 PM

My goal (with just three weeks to half marathon on April 10) is to get in an 8 mile run and an 11 mile run, and have about 6-7 days of taper time.  So far, I’ve started off well:

Monday: 1 mile cross trainer, 3.1 miles treadmill
Tuesday: 4.6 miles cross trainer, 2.5 miles treadmill
Wednesday: off
Thursday: strength & 2 mile run.

The plan for the rest of the week is
Friday: looong run? (8 miles) or short run
Saturday: off
Sunday: loooong run? (8 miles) or short run

I may be crazy, but if it worked for Sarah, it can work for me, right?  And I should, therefore, after observing just one instance of this type of plan working, yield a 7-8 minute PR, right?  Stay tuned… Smile

What was the shortest time you’ve taken to ‘train’ for a race?  This will be the shortest amount of time for me dedicated to training.  While I know I have a good base, I’m a little nervous about the endurance, but I’m hoping that getting in two longer runs beforehand, will help me overcome that – though I am a little nervous about the ‘no taper’ thing…at least its not a marathon?!


One thought on “3W2HM: Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. 8 min PR = LOCK! Honestly I didn’t miss the “taper” – there’s hardly enough time to get into training mode to realize you need it.

    Yes I realize I’m almost a week late on this. It’s practically race time already! 🙂

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