Time to Color!

I was looking over a number of my food photos recently, and realized I have a lot of white and clear dishes…and my kitchen table is white, and my windowsill is white…

Case in point: clear dish, white windowsill.


So I decided I needed some change in the way of color, and I brought just that to my life by doing (minimal) damage at World Market and Ross Dress for Less on Tuesday. 

I snagged two sets of two placemats for $3.96 a pair (instead of $3.99 each) and a pack of aqua blue napkins to match both sets of placemats for $9.99.  Although the napkins weren’t on sale, I justified it by noting that they matched both placemat sets.

I decided to use one of my placemats and napkins to display today’s lunch: Crock-pot Red Lentils and Rice and a spinach and goat cheese salad.


Don’t you love the paisley?!  It makes the windowsill much prettier.

I also got a pair of this fun new bowl for $1.49 each (down from $3.99 price at Ross’).

   IMAG0253    IMAG0254

Isn’t it adorable?  (Tootin’ my own horn on this find…)

The Crock-pot Red Lentils & Rice was just as good reheated from the freezer, and paired nicely with my spinach & goat cheese salad.


Topped with Annie’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette.  This is fast becoming one of my favorite simple salads.  I love shredded goat cheese on salads.  It’s a new obsession.  I can go through 1-2 ounces of goat (or sheep) cheese a day.  No joke.

Anyways, I’m going to keep admiring my fun new decorations.


Have you tried goat cheese or sheep cheese yet?  Have you tried just the creamy goat cheese or the aged, semi-hard/hard cheese too?  If you haven’t tried goat cheese yet, do.  And though I love the creamy goat cheese, which is a great alternative to cream cheese, and also pairs well with cranberries, apples & crackers (trust me – and go try it.  now.), I have recently found a special place in my heart for the aged goat and sheep cheeses such as manchego.  I love topping salads, pastas and crackers with shavings of the cheese, as well as cutting off a cube for an afternoon snack boost.  Sooo good.

Happy Windsday!


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