Finals Week in Review

FINALS ARE OVERRRRRR and I’m on spring break for the week!!  And super excited to get back to a regular workout schedule.  Starting this morning Smile

Friday was the conclusion of final’s week.  It was a whirlwind of staying up to 3-4am studying every night, and getting up at 6:30-7:00am to continue the studying.  Exercise went out the window (there was just no opportunity) until Thursday, and my junk food & coffee intake skyrocketed to places it should never go.

That being said, to celebrate classes being done (I had to grade and proctor an exam yesterday), we hit the bars Thursday night for some green beer.

P1110536       P1110537

Okay let’s be truthful.  I took a sip of the green beer in light of St. Patty’s Day, and then stuck with Lagunita’s IPA and Stone IPA.  And a Smithicks – I couldn’t not, being as it was an Irish celebration Winking smile  And lets just say dancing was involved.  I felt like an undergrad – or just an overstressed grad student who hadn’t relaxed and let go of life in a long time.  It was much needed.  Unfortunately yesterday’s hangover wasn’t.  Le sigh.

But my week in review…

A very repeated breakfast….

IMAG0207        IMAG0208

Bagel thins & eggs!

And delicious cafeteria food…

IMAG0212   IMAG0213   IMAG0214


Ahhh, the joys of cafeteria food – at least its fairly good… (oh and at least one vegan apple strudel serving was indulged in.)

Lots of frozen vegan burritos with guac and salsa.

IMAG0209        IMAG0211

And lots of desserts…

IMAG0205        IMAG0226

My school seriously makes delicious vegan brownies.  I could eat one every day.  And be completely happy with life.

I also tried to be healthy with lots of salads (with shredded goat cheese & tuna)


And to celebrate finals being over, I bought myself some of these that were ready to (and bloomed) on Friday post-finals.

IMAG0242   IMAG0236   IMAG0237IMAG0234       IMAG0235

For those of you who don’t know, daffodils are my favorite flowers.  They are just such happy flowers.  I feel like when they’re blooming they’re always smiling, bursting with laughter, and just ready to make you smile (they always make me smile – Mr. K got me some for V-day this year – he knows how to keep me happy Winking smile)

My good friend Theresa visited, and we went down to the beach.

IMAG0245        IMAG0246

And Saturday night we went to Saturn Café and sat at the best booth in the restaurant…

P1110556       P1110557

I had the California Burger – vegan style, with no bun and thin fries.  And a beer.  Delish.  I think California burger sans bun is becoming the only meal I order there – but it’s a solid dish.  And I love that Saturn is 100% vegetarian, and half vegan (they even have vegan apple pie you can order ala mode with vegan ice cream.  its TO DIE FOR).

And Sunday’s lunch (after oatmeal + toppings breakfast and walking around in the SUN – the sun actually shined today!), we headed to Tony & Alba’s for the Chicken & BBQ Pizza, Theresa had + cheese, I had – cheese.


Don’t let this picture fool you.  I had that.  x4.

It was soooooooo good.  I need to make my own bbq chicken pizza.  Stat.  With whole wheat pizza crust.

And I never posted it…but I got a new hair cut about 2 weeks ago.  And I’m loving it.


For anyone who lives in SC – I have a great hair stylist recommendation.  She’s new to town – and seriously awesome.  (Or at least I think so…even if my hair is all over the place.)

And I leave you with an entertaining thought:


Are we really so lazy that we need to pull baskets in supermarkets or convenience stores?

How was your last week?!  Did you do anything new/exciting?  I missed you all – and blogging, and have sooooo many fabulous posts to read from many of you.  I feel quite behind – but I’m on vacation, and headed south for a few days, before my favorite visitor comes to town Winking smile


3 thoughts on “Finals Week in Review

  1. Gotta love the green beer with the undergrads! I had my fair share on Thursday after my bacterial pathogenesis final was over. Congrats on finishing strong!!

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