Over the River and Through Muir Woods…

When my family was visiting California over President’s weekend (yes, I’m behind school, sleep & sickness keep catching up with me), my mom, sister & I also got the opportunity to go hike in the Muir Woods.  While it was a little cold, rainy and muddy out, the beauty of the redwoods and the fresh air more than made up for the fact I had to wear mittens (February in California – and mittens?!  I did NOT sign up for this when I moved here!  Winking smile)

We headed out early Sunday morning from Santa Cruz, on a three hour trek up the scenic Hwy 1, up through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge.  (We noshed on Zoccoli’s sandwiches from the awesome deli in Santa Cruz.  So good!  If you get the chance, you should try one.  Mr. K and I had them when he visited back in October of 2010). 

P1010978   P1010980   P1010984

P1010995   P1020002   P1020005

After maneuvering through the hills just North of San Francisco, we finally happened upon the Muir Woods.  We immediately realized (when it took us a half hour to find parking) that we apparently weren’t the only ones who thought a Sunday during Prez’s weekend would be a great day to go for a hike in the Muir Woods, but we were committed to our plans (I didn’t know when I would come back, since the bridge toll is $6.50 on the Golden Gate) and marched onward.

We did about 1.5 miles of hiking in the end, and even though it was crowded, I really enjoyed the scenery, and spending the time in nature with my momma & my sister.

CIMG3436   CIMG3439   P1020009P1020020   CIMG3435   CIMG3441P1020017   P1020007   CIMG3444CIMG3437   P1020024   P1020008

As usual, doing things I shouldn’t be doing…


…like standing on the railing of the path.

Afterwards, I devoured a Dark Chocolate & Oats Nature Valley Bar (I split the back with my mom), as I drove us back over the Golden Gate and into San Francisco.

What are your favorite activities to do with your family?  I love hiking and spending time outdoors with them.  We are a very outdoorsy family, in general.  In fact, as a child we used to go on week long family canoeing trips about every other year.  As such I have sooooo many great memories, despite all the mosquitos & flies!  I mean fresh fish (usually walleye or pike) – caught and filleted the same day, rolled in bacon fat and flour to then be cooked over an open fire and eaten immediately?!   Yes, PLEASE!  Everyday for the rest of my life.  I don’t care if my cholesterol goes through the roof.  *Please excuse me while I go have a moment in the corner to wipe the drool from my face.


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