A Very Fishy Post

Disclaimer: This post has NOTHING to do with food because, all though I do love a good piece of fish, in this post: fish are friends, not food!  (And by fish I mean all types of aquatic life…)

This past weekend when my sister, mom, aunt & uncle visited me in NorCal, we took a very rainy day in Santa Cruz to venture down to Monterey to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

At the aquarium, we were wowed by the amazing aquatic life we found:

P1010867 P1010878 P1010868P1010884 P1010882 P1010895P1010902 P1010922 P1010928

It was truly an amazing trip to the aquarium, and I’m so glad we went!


Next on my list of aquarium type places?  San Diego Sea World!

What are you favorite type of aquatic (preferably those you don’t eat Winking smile)? Mine are seahorses – could you tell by all the pictures?  I just think they’re adorable and I’d like to have one – or 17 as pets.  but I fear that I’d probably kill them all.


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