Ga-Ga for Garlic

This post is all about garlic but first things first: life happened this week, as it can.  And by life happened I mean: midterms, proctoring exams, grading essay exams, conferences, homework assignments, etc.  You get the gist.  So apologies for the blog negligence (thanks for coining the term, Julia), but there’s not much I can do about it – even though I really missed writing and hearing from ya’all.  Anyways, I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes: garlic.

One of my favorite additions to almost any meal is garlic.  I love to put 2-3x as recommended in almost any recipe.  I seriously LOVE garlic.

So, when Kathy of Garlic Gold contacted me out sampling their new line of vinaigrettes – I couldn’t resist (It also didn’t hurt that for the past year I’ve been hearing, Kath, Tina & Gina rave about their products). 

So, earlier this week, I came more or less unmarked package, and opened up to find this:


Yes, the noodles were quite exciting, but as I dug through this appeared:


And that’s when I did a little dance.  But then I realized what was around the packaging, and did another dance:


Before proceeding to pop all the bubbles (it was bubble appreciation day & hug an economist day earlier this month —yes on the same day – it was a good day, as it became: happy hug an economist wrapped in bubble wrap day Winking smile)  Right.  Another tangent.

So, once my excitement over the packaging was gone, I got down to business, and started looking at the goods:


The only thing questionable to me is: what is in the Italian seasoning blend?!  It can mean so many different things, and I happen to be allergic to one of those occasional rare items: white pepper.  Other than that, I love the ingredient list, and that I can pronounce everything on the list – SCORE!

Garlic Gold sent me the Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette, with garlic infused rich balsamic flavor.  I knew the minute I saw that I would probably love the product.  So, I did what any sane person would do and, even though it wasn’t dinner, I made myself a salad to try it out right away.  It was a simple salad, with mixed greens, tomato and red pepper, but I also didn’t want to load it down so I could really taste the vinaigrette.

IMAG0173        IMAG0174

Now just to be clear (and to ensure I don’t get sued or gone after by the FTC), Garlic Gold did not ask me to review the product.  I am doing it on my own, although they did send me the sample for free to try.  So, here is my honest opinion.

I loved the garlic infusion.  I did not love how oily the vinaigrette was.  I actually had to add some more of my own balsamic because it was sooooo oil heavy (I mean its 150 calories for 2 tablespoons).  And while I love me some olive oil, my preference is definitely to be heavy on the balsamic, light on the oil.  That being said, I did really love the garlic flavor and the other herb additions to the vinaigrette, and I am happy to report that even after adding my own balsamic, the garlic flavor still stood out.  Aka: I still got meal-dosage of garlic: happy girl.

So, I can’t say whether I’ll be investing in the Garlic Gold vinaigrette on my own.  If they have a garlic infused balsamic vinegar or olive oil, I will definitely consider this…but the vinaigrette to me, with the hefty amount of oil, just isn’t for me.

What is your favorite garlicky dish?  Or what do you love to add garlic?  Anybody hate garlic, if so, why?  I might want to change your mind…


5 thoughts on “Ga-Ga for Garlic

  1. you should try using it as a marinade for shrimp! i bet it’d be really good on seafood–plus, it wouldn’t taste as oil heavy (maybe?).

    and clearly, i love garlic as much as you do. in everything. all the time.

  2. I LOVE garlic. I love it so much that I actually had it for all three of my meals yesterday…as I was eating dinner last night with the boyfriend I said “are you sure you’re going to want to kiss me later? Because I’ve been eating garlic all day.”

    Lucky for him he said yes.

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