Lazy Day in Chicago

I took the weekend ‘off’ from grad school, to spend a few quality days in Chicago with Mr. K (of course I had to do some work because there is never a day off in grad school Smile).  I’m actually still in Chicago right now, but am packing to head to the airport to spend the afternoon in the air – back to reality, aka grad school.

I got to Chicago late Friday morning after taking the redeye from SFO.  I arrived to a lovely lunch spread made by the incredible Mr. K.  What was on the menu?  White Bean Collard Pork soup and a grilled sweet panini for dessert (homemade bread with almond butter, semi-sweet cacao nibs and smushed banana (both are from How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman).

IMAG0152  IMAG0153  IMAG0154

The soup was awesome – it had ham hock in it (which is apparently really hard to obtain – Mr. K had to try multiple grocery stores over multiple days to finally acquire it) and the collard greens added a nice texture/flavor to the mix.  And, to honest, as I told Mr. K, “I think this is the first time I had collard greens and actually liked them.”

The panini was on whole different level.  Melted chocolate, almond butter and banana on grilled bread?  Sign me up every day.  Yum.  It was the perfect dessert and the perfect way to end my first ‘vacation’ meal.  Mmm. Mmm. Good.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around – I took an amazing bubble & bath salt bath with candles (Mr. K planned and insisted on the whole thing as I apparently don’t relax enough) while he went and cooked/cleaned the kitchen.  It was delightful.  And then I spent the remainder of the afternoon napping.  I’m pretty sure due to the lackluster sleep on redeye flight added to the fact I don’t normally sleep much really wiped me out.  The napping was awesome.

Then Mr. K and I prepared Saturday’s brunch before heading off to our Valentines Dinner, Part 1. 

A preview of Saturday’s brunch: Dairy-Free Cinnamon Ricotta & Pancetta Breakfast Casserole. 


What is your favorite breakfast recipe? My traditional favorite recipe is my family’s buttermilk pancake recipe.  I have seriously never had better pancakes before – anywhere – in my life.  And as a Midwesterner, I’ve had quite the array of pancakes in my life.  Of course, over the past 6 years we’ve been working on perfecting the dairy free version of it.  And, we’re definitely getting close, thought nothing will EVER be quite the same as true buttermilk pancakes.  Its just not possible.

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