Down By The Bay…

I was excited all last week for Saturday’s excursion to…San Francisco!  And what made it better than the fact it was in San Francisco?  I got to hang out & reunite an awesome childhood/high school/travel friend who just moved to the Bay Area (at least temporarily)!

So, after not seeing each other since 2005.  Yes, 2005.  We spent the entire day being tourists in San Francisco.  It was awesome.  Because I have waaaay too many photos.  I present to you, a photo tour of San Francisco.

The Trolly & crazy Lombard street, followed by Fisherman’s Wharf.


We then embark on a cruise to Sausalito, with amazing views of Golden Gate bridge.


And one of my all-time favorite buildings (thanks in large part to quliaty time spent there during Foodbuzz Fest, the Ferry Plaza Building:


I had an awesome day being a tourist with Theresa, and can’t wait to hang out with her in city (or here in SC) again soon!  I still can’t believe it was five years since we had last seen each other, but it definitely felt like it had been like a day.  Thanks for a fabulous day Theresa – would’ve been a great date if you were a boy Winking smile

Have you ever been to San Fran?  Do you ever play tourist in the town you live in/home town?  I think it is really important to play tourist where you’re living or in your home town, because otherwise you can miss out on SO much.  Like in Chicago, Mr. K and I made a point to go to the Museum of Science & Industry, the Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, etc, just so that we wouldn’t be missing out on some of the ‘touristy’ highlights of the city.

6 thoughts on “Down By The Bay…

  1. Looks so fun! I’ve only been to San Fran once, and it was less than 12 hours for focus groups, so I really want to go back and explore. I’m also terrible at playing tourist here in DC. I need to take advantage of all the museums!

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