Raceolution 2011: Coyote Hills 5k

I started off Raceolution 2011 with an easy 5k.  I figured it would be a good way to start, since its looking like every race from this point on will probably be 10k plus.  (I know, I know.  I’m a bit insane.)  So, I signed up for the Coyote Hills 5k in Fremont, California.  It’s a trail race that is part of the Brazen Racing series.


Unfortunately pretty much since the beginning of January, I have been fighting and on-and-off again horrible cold/other ailments.  And, on Wednesday, the head cold/sore throat/cough got so bad that the doctor put me on antibiotics, amongst other things.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run this morning, but I decided last night that I was feeling good enough to run, but that I would try not to push it.

When I woke up this morning, I felt almost like new (minus the runny nose and extreme tiredness I attributed to lack of sleep), so I decided I’d give it all I had (even though I hadn’t been working out as much as normal), so I got dressed, ate a pre-race breakfast, popped my antibiotic and hit the road.

6am, and super tired.


Pre-race breakfast: banana & 1/3 cup quick oats with almond butter.

IMAG0018 IMAG0019

When I got to the race, I had to park about 1.5 miles away from the race start due to the massive amounts of racers.  Luckily, they had shuttles.  So, I waited in line, and actually ended up meeting some wonderful people!  One I got to the start line, I grabbed my bib, and then immediately got in line for the port-a-potties

IMAG0028 IMAG0023

Number 3338!  If only it were 3333 – then it would’ve been my luckiest number possible!  (My favorite number is 3.  I’m not quite sure why, it just is.  And therefore I declare it lucky.)

As the half marathon and 10k races began on this gloomy morning, I snapped a photo of the runners taking off…and I patiently waited for the 5k start, on the gloomy, gloomy day.


While I waited, I wondered how my Mizunos would perform in their first.race.ever.  Probably a good thing it was short for this reason.  And then as we moved into the corral, I snapped a ‘happy face’ photo, before stashin’ the phone.

IMAG0024 IMAG0031

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of the beautiful course.  I loved it and decided I want to either run this race next year (probably 10k or half marathon), or find another one on this course sometime this year – but, unfortunately this course – or my antibiotics didn’t love me.  Since I decided to give it my all, I was running like there was no tomorrow, and it felt good.  Until mile 2.7, when all of a sudden I started heaving.  And then heaved again.  And again.  And then suddenly at mile 2.9 I was doing what I had never done in a race before: throwing up on the side of the course.

After an amazingly kind lady offered to stop and help me, I managed to job on towards the finish.  Surprisingly, I think I may have actually pr-ed the true 5k.  Unfortunately, the race was actually 3.5 miles, not 3.1…and let me just tell you those extra .4 miles were BRUTAL to me.  I kind of wanted to pass out, but I promised myself that, barring injury, I would run all the races to the finish, even if it meant a slow, slow, slow jog.  So, jog to the finish I did.  All the while sending angry thoughts to whoever designed the park trail to make it a 3.5 mile loop.  Seriously.  Not cool.

About 10 minutes after I finished, I looked this this:


Pretty beat.  And the redness on my face?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure my face was COMPLETELY red for the 10 minutes prior.  Not my finest race.

Luckily, I stocked up on post-food sugars to replenish everything that was gone from my system.  Though I was too out of it to document, I noshed on a 1/4 bagel with pb, 2 apple slices, an energy-type drink with electrolytes (I knew this was uber important) and…I think that was it, besides lots of water.

Once I made it back to the parking lot on the shuttle, I felt a lot better, and got really excited about my first.ever.finisher’s.medal!!!  I had never gotten one before (despite all the races I had won), and so I brushed off my defeat and ailings, and snapped an excited shot to send to friends and family:


(Thanks Mom & Pops for the BRIGHT GREEN top for Xmas – I LOVE it)

The Stats, according to my Garmin:
Mile 1: 7:44
Mile 2:
Mile 3: 8:23
Mile 3-3.53: 4:16

Total 3.53: 28:56 (Unofficial)

**Update: So my official time was 28:55, and this was enough, on the course, to place 3rd in my age class of women!  It also put me 12th overall for women, and 45th overall for men & women.  I couldn’t believe it — If I hadn’t gotten sick, its likely I could have gotten second in my age class– yowsa!  So apparently now, I’m going to get an age class award in the mail since my sick little body didn’t want to stick around post race 🙂  What a way to start off Raceolution 2001!!**

Overall, though the race started a bit late (due to the extra time it took for shuttling folk from the lots), I really enjoyed the atmosphere and people I met at the race – as well as the trail.  On the shuttle bus over I met a woman (never got her name or info, which makes me kind of sad – she seemed like quite the amazing person!) who works for Yosemite National Park, and just got into running again about 8 months ago and ran the 10k – I hope you and your BRIGHT ORANGE shirt had a great race!

I would definitely recommend a Brazen Racing series race, as they have multiple throughout the year – they’re well organized, have great post-race food, have awesome shirts, and everyone around me seemed very friendly and truly excited to be out running.  Definitely an atmosphere I would LOVE to run in again!  Hopefully next time though, I’ll make it through without an unexpected pit stop 😦

Have you ever gotten sick mid-race?  How did you prevent getting sick after that happened?  Is there a particular racing group you enjoy/frequent running with?  If so, why?


3 thoughts on “Raceolution 2011: Coyote Hills 5k

  1. Ugh, that sounds awful… Very cool that you were able to push through it, though!

    A couple years ago I had the flu the week leading up to a marathon. I decided to do the race anyway (probably a dumb decision), and about 15 miles in, I started feel pretty terrible. I did finish, but it wasn’t pretty!

    • yikes! a marathon + flu just sounds absolutely wretched. and i’m impressed you finished! i’m soo happy mine was only an extra long 5k, i would not have made it any further than that.

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